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Subject Intent

At Brize Norton Primary School we want our children to be naturally curious about the world around them. Our curriculum has been developed by staff to ensure full coverage of the National Curriculum.  We are committed to providing a stimulating, engaging and challenging learning environment. 

 Throughout our school children are encouraged to develop and use a range of working scientifically skills including questioning, researching and observing for ourselves. We promote and celebrate these skills. 

We want our children to have a broad vocabulary. Scientific language is to be taught and built upon as topics are revisited in different year groups and across key stages. We intend to provide all children with a broad and balanced science curriculum.

Curriculum Overview 

At Brize Norton Primary School we seek ways to harness a child’s natural curiosity for the world around them. We encourage them to ask questions and come up with their own ideas about how they might be able to answer them. 

How Science is Taught

Investigation skills are taught to every year group and the children are given opportunities to apply them through practical and interactive lessons. This ensures the children are able to think scientifically and increases their motivation - both for Science and in making links to learning in other subjects. Some terms we run Science clubs, showing children that science can be fun and used outside of the classroom. Wherever possible learning is applied using the outdoor environment, showing the children that Science is all around them in their everyday lives.

What the children say

“Science is cool. I like it when we get to do exciting experiments”

“It’s awesome it help you to develop a good brain. I particularly enjoy biology and want to be a Dr when I grow up”.

“I enjoy learning about how to do fun things like separating liquids”

"It is enjoyable, exciting and fascinating”