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Our curriculum is planned with three aims: 

 • developing children’s knowledge 

 • developing children’s subject-specific skills 

 • developing children’s broader skills for learning and life 

Planning for each subject aims to develop each of these in a progressive way.

Each subject, for each year group, follows a clear progression framework in each of these areas. Topics may be taught to more than one year group in our mixed-year classes but the progression frameworks ensure that children's subject understanding moves on. 

Our "skills for learning and life" are connected with the Pre-Senior Baccalaureate (PSB). This is a framework drawn up by a group of like-minded schools which want to see broader life skills embedded into everything we do, both in and beyond the curriculum. Children work on the following six skills throughout their time at Brize Norton School:

- leadership

- team work

- independence

- thinking and learning 

- reviewing and improving

- communicating

You can find out more about the Pre-Senior Baccalaureate here.