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Subject Intent

Italian is taught by Maestra Liberata Paradiso, a specialist native Italian speaker.

Buccaneers Class

Children in the EYFS learn a range of vocabulary that can help them to play games and learn songs in Italian. The aim is for them to have fun while they are learning.

Hurricanes Class

Year 1 and 2 targets are very similar to the Foundation’s but will also include use of some simple expressions in Italian. Similarly, this shall provide learning with some fun as children absorb new words and expressions.

Hercules Class

In the Y2/3 class, they continue to learn words and develop into simple sentences connected with different topics.

Voyagers Class

The aim in this class is a good range of words and some sentences with more proper structure. This will provide the children with the basic experience of a spoken language in different situations.

Falcons Class

Children in this class are introduced to Italian grammar more formally, including how subjects, verbs and adjectives come together to form sentences. This will help them with practical real-life situations.

Children in all classes also learn about different places in Italy, trying to stimulate their curiosity for another country and culture.