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Subject Intent

At Brize Norton Primary we believe that a high-quality computing education equips pupils to understand and change the world through computational thinking. Our teaching develops and requires logical thinking and precision. It combines creativity with rigour: our pupils apply underlying principles to understand real-world systems, and to create purposeful and usable artefacts. More broadly, it provides a lens through which to understand both natural and artificial systems, and has substantial links with the teaching of mathematics, science, and design and technology.
At the core of computing is the science and engineering discipline of computer science, in which our pupils are taught how digital systems work, how they are designed and programmed, and the fundamental principles of information and computation. Building on this core, Brize Norton Primary‛s teaching of computing equips pupils to apply information technology to create products and solutions. 

 We ensure that the computing education that we deliver also ensures that pupils become digitally literate – able to use, and express themselves through, information and communication technology – at a level suitable for the future workplace and as active participants in a digital world. Computers and tablets allow children to find out information and to create a huge number of things including documents, pictures, movies and podcasts: we ensure they develop their skills in all these things.

How Computing is Taught

We use a balance of iPads and laptops with keyboards for Computing, so children develop confidence with both. Coding is taught by programming robots for our youngest children, progressing to written programs on paper and on-screen. By the middle of Key Stage 2, children can write increasingly complex programs on-screen, including using Scratch and Kodu.

Every class spends time every year covering E-Safety, because this is constantly changing and such an important part of the children's lives, and also developing confidence with word processing and typing. 

The rest of the Computing time is spent using a range of creativity software, including Garage Band for music composition and IMovie for film-making. The emphasis here is on children finding out for themselves what they can do and sharing what they know with others. They plan projects, create them, evaluate them and share, ending with a product they can be proud of.