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Well done and a big thank you to the Buccaneers for their super assembly this morning. It was so lovely to see how hard the children have all been working and hear about their amazing science experiments. 

Back in the classroom adults were treated to waiter service and enjoyed tasting the cakes and treats children have been busy preparing with their clean hands. There was lots of fantastic conversations with children explaining to their grown ups about what they have learned and showing them the slime!  They also sung a song about jelly. 

After the visitors left we did one more experiment thinking about why it is important to have clean hands and how we might see the germs and bacteria even though they are invisible to us. Have a look at the slices of bread pegged up in our classroom to see that we are comparing slices of bread touched before and after we washed our hands. The children were able to make some predictions about what might happen; we will be looking at the bread again next week to see if we were right.