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Well, believe it or not, the day started with our third and final birthday of the week and some tired children!

After breakfast we split into groups for our final activities of the week.  Some of the pictures from the day are here - with others to follow.

Miss Cuthbertson, Miss Kearvell and myself want you all to know how immensely proud we are of all of your children.  Some have never been away from home before so 5 days, in itself, is an amazing achievement.  The days have been extremely busy but they have thrown themselves into all of the activities.  There have been so many new experiences for them to try and ‘giving them a go’ has been wonderful to see and, in our eyes, is a success.

They have been polite, kind and thoughtful.  On numerous occasions, we have been thanked by staff - kitchen, cleaning, managers and instructors - for how helpful the children have been.  They are a credit to you all and we will miss being with our ‘resi family’.