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We are all learning new skills and I would like to say how impressed I am with how well the children are managing their Teams lessons. Not only are they adapting to a new way of learning, but coping with the technology as well. Children are now able to turn their microphones on and off independently when it is their turn to speak and most are now using the 'raise hand' icon on the tool bar when they want to contribute. Today I led a maths session with some of our year 2 group using two screens and sharing a powerpoint, something that if you had asked me to do a few weeks ago I would not have a clue (thank you to Elle's Mum for giving me feedback and being my guinea pig at the start of the session!)

Some of you have also been using the technology yourselves to meet up and share activities with your friends. I love that two of our students had fun cooking together from their own homes using their iPads. The photo of us all on the screen during a Teams session also made me laugh. 

It is so good to see you all, both on Teams and through the photos you have been sharing, of your work  and of your activities. In our photos this week you will see several of you have been making boats to role play the boy and the penguin from our PSHE sessions. Lots of you have been cooking, Lily made dinner for her whole family! Miraya was inspired to write her own letter to her cousin as well as building a lego space shuttle. George has visited the sun! It is also good to see you are managing to get outside and exercise; I know some of you are joining in with Joe Wicks too. 

If you haven't sent me pictures this week and want to show your friends what you have been doing it is not too late to send to me and I will add to this post. Have a lovely weekend, only a week to go until half term break! 

I will be posting the new Teams schedule and plans for next week so don't forget to check our website pages daily. 

Best wishes to you and your families

Mrs Winter