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At Brize Norton School, our aim is that children learn well and they have fun while they are doing it. So, we teach the National Curriculum (see our Results page for how well we do in English and Maths), and we also do our best to put in opportunities to develop children's confidence, social skills, teamwork and simple sense of fun in their own learning. 

Our curriculum is designed not only to fulfil statutory requirements, but also to enthuse our children with a love of learning. Our curriculum is planned with three aims:

• developing children’s knowledge

• developing children’s subject-specific skills

• developing children’s broader skills for learning and life

Planning for each subject aims to develop each of these in a progressive way. These three aims are enhanced by the variety of enrichment activities which are integrated into the curriculum plans for each year group through out the school year, both in and out of the classroom environment.  

We know that all children need the support of parents and teachers to make good progress in school. We strive to build positive links with the parents of each child by keeping them informed about the way in which the children are being taught and how well each child is progressing.

If you would like to find out more about any aspect of the curriculum and your child's learning, please talk to his/ her teacher.








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