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Welcome to Tutu Class

Welcome to Tutu Class! We are a mix of Year 5 and 6 pupils, who are taught by Miss Musgrave, Mrs Bostock and Mrs Deegan. We do Spelling, Maths and Literacy every morning and our afternoon timetable is currently as follows: 

Monday - Computing (coding) or Music (appreciating different music) and Spanish

Tuesday - RE (Islam and sacred places) and PE (athletics)

Wednesday - PE (rounders) and PSHE (health and hygiene)

Thursday - Topic (South America; Rainforests; Mixed Media)

Friday - Science (Materials and their Properties)

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school with them for tag rugby on Tuesdays and gymnastics on Wednesdays.

Class events

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Tutu Sharing Assembly

Well done to all of the children in Tutu class on a lovely sharing assembly this morning and thank you parents for your enthusiasm during our workshop. A special thank you to Freya for the fabulous GoPro video she made!

Year 5 Music Concert

After spending a whole day rehearsing, some of our lovely Year 5 children returned for the evening performance with our partnership schools. They sang their little hearts out and whacked out some impressive dance moves! 

Well done to all children involved and especially to Owen, Eira and Caitlin for performing 'Uptown Funk' on their clarinets.

Competing in Science! 

In Science, we have been learning about air resistance, friction, water resistance and gravity. For the last two weeks, the children have been working in groups to design what they think will be the “best boat” - that is, the boat that can hold the most grams without sinking. The children had to apply their knowledge of different materials and surface area. 

Congratulations to our winning team whose boat entitled The Uniboat managed to hold 2.4kg! Poor Jazzy Jewel came in last place with 200g. 

After our experiment, we discussed reasons for the The Uniboat winning and recorded our results in a bar chart. 

3D Dinosaurs

In order to make our maths work more exciting (and link to our dinosaur book week) we made our own dinosaur models from a mixture of 3D shapes. The children had to design their dinosaur then research, measure and draw the nets independently and I was so impressed with their resilience - despite many unsuccessful attempts, the children only grew more determined and I was very proud of what they achieved. Well done for showing such great perseverance skills, Tutu! 

Fun in the Snow

We somehow managed to brave the freezing cold weather for a quick run around and play in the snow! 

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