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Welcome one and all...

...to this year's Falcons class! We are delighted to see everyone back after such a long time apart, and it's fantastic to have some brand new recruits as well!

This year is going to be one of hard work, there is no doubt about that, but we are all raring to go! I am so lucky to be working with such a brilliant group of children. Our class has already established a warm, family feel which has come very naturally as everyone seems to gel together really well. It's really important to me that the children in my care feel secure and at home, and I can't wait to see what they are capable of as we progress through the year together. 

Added to the mix is Mrs Bostock. In all our time at this school we have never shared a class, and I know her expertise and knowledge will be indispensable to us all! I am also very pleased that we have not had to say a complete good-bye to Miss Kearvell, she will be back with us each Friday and this will be a lovely end to the week.

And parents - don't be strangers! I know contact is difficult at the moment but I am only an email away, and if there are any issues or concerns I would rather know in the early stages, no matter how small they may seem. We both have your child's best interests at heart and good communication is an important part of that. 

So let's put the past few months behind us and focus on year ahead, the only way is up!

With warm wishes,

Miss Kerr 

Class events

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From Snowdon to Shakespeare...

Last Tuesday, our children had the opportunity to perform 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' with Ffion and Tom from the Coram Shakespeare Schools Foundation. This was achieved in a mere 6 hours and it was utterly fantastic -  it was also great fun and lovely to see the children excel in something so completely different. What with this, our Geography project and conquering Snowdon, we're fully embracing all things UK this term!

The missing pictures!

After conquering Snowdon, the children were tired so had a fairly laid back morning.  In the afternoon, we were given sole use of the playing fields where the children did some den-building.  They were given a scenario of being stranded in the rainforest with limited supplies and had to work together to create shelter.  There were some ingenious designs and ideas.  Afterwards, we made paracord keyrings and then went back to camp for dinner and marshmallows.

Our journey home yesterday was fairly quiet but was broken up by a very welcome break at Chris and Fiss’s in Shropshire.  The children were treated to a BBQ with Oscar declaring it was ‘the best burger he’d ever tasted!’

Have a restful weekend kids!!

Snowdon Oscar Ceremony

Apologies for the lack of pictures today - we have been somewhat busy.  The children have had a fairly relaxing day after yesterday’s great adventure with some team building activities this afternoon.  We will post photos but probably on our bus journey home tomorrow. However despite the weather this evening, we were very keen to host a mini awards ceremony with the children. We wanted to celebrate just how amazing we all think they are.  They have shown us their uniqueness, their talents, their quirks, their perseverance, their empathy, their compassion…the list goes on.  And we (school and BXM staff) wanted to let them know just how brilliant we all think they are.  Enjoy the pics!!

Good morning campers!

We’re having a slow start to the day.  The children emerged from their tents a little later than yesterday to another rainy morning.  Some have had  showers! They’ve all had breakfast and are now playing before an afternoon of activities…and the 🌞 has just come out😊

Your amazing children

We have had the MOST amazing day! The weather has not been great but the children have truly rallied together to reach the summit of Snowdon.  They have shown true companionship, teamwork and perseverance in what was sometimes pretty gruelling conditions.  The people we have met on the mountain as well as the leaders were all massively impressed with their attitude.  We are immensely proud of their achievement today - they are BRILLIANT!!

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