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Welcome one and all...

...to this year's Falcons class! We are delighted to see everyone back after such a long time apart, and it's fantastic to have some brand new recruits as well!

This year is going to be one of hard work, there is no doubt about that, but we are all raring to go! I am so lucky to be working with such a brilliant group of children. Our class has already established a warm, family feel which has come very naturally as everyone seems to gel together really well. It's really important to me that the children in my care feel secure and at home, and I can't wait to see what they are capable of as we progress through the year together. 

Added to the mix is Mrs Bostock. In all our time at this school we have never shared a class, and I know her expertise and knowledge will be indispensable to us all! I am also very pleased that we have not had to say a complete good-bye to Miss Kearvell, she will be back with us each Friday and this will be a lovely end to the week.

And parents - don't be strangers! I know contact is difficult at the moment but I am only an email away, and if there are any issues or concerns I would rather know in the early stages, no matter how small they may seem. We both have your child's best interests at heart and good communication is an important part of that. 

So let's put the past few months behind us and focus on year ahead, the only way is up!

With warm wishes,

Miss Kerr 

Class events

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Holiday Homework info. and Good Times.. 

We've had a great end to the term - egg hunts,  art work, planting - and all in glorious sunshine!

Now for a little homework reminder....

Everyone has maths homework to do over the break, as well as five reading journal entries (4 quality sentences and one task). Remember to include page numbers and the title of the book each time, even on a task day. Please do not complete all five entries in one go, there is absolutely no benefit to that. 

Have a wonderful Easter - eat treats and get outside!

Missy K xx

Roman Soldier!

A Roman soldier came to visit our school! Falcons and Voyagers classes had an amazing day learning all about his equipment, how soldiers fought and the history of Rome. They made mosaics and finished the day with a mass battle, Britons versus Romans. Great fun!

Treasure - Yo ho ho!

Last week everyone made maps using Roman numerals, imperial measures and directions written in Latin to guide others to hidden treasure... Loads of mathematical concepts to address, and loads of fun, with a reward at the end - we all had a great time!

Falcons drop in 

We had a busy afternoon of pond repairs and creating rockery steps for the frogs to safely enter and leave the pond.  The clay was, once again, popular - as was making paracord keyrings.  Some of the children have got firelighting off to a fine art and were only too happy to help others as well as keep theirs going - which isn’t always easy to do! 🔥 I may have to get them on cooking the pancakes next time!!  Now, I’m not sure I can take full credit for the RAF Falcons ‘dropping in’ - but it was a great way to end our forest school session!

Forest School Fun

After a damp start to the day, the sun shone and we had a lovely afternoon outdoors full of Forest School Fun!

Survival bracelets were very popular - with both children and adults learning the paracord knot alongside each other.

We had a spot of hedgehog racing on the sideline, whilst dens were built, mud cakes were created and colourful wax stamps were made.

It was lovely to get into the pond area today.  We have LOTS of frogspawn - and some rather large frogs!

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