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Welcome to Voyager Class!

It has been wonderful to welcome our new Year 5 pupils alongside Sir Elton and Big Eye Bob (pictured above.) We are really looking forward to an exciting year together...

Our lovely Voyagers receive many visitors during their school day. In the morning learning for Year 5 takes place alongside some Year 4 children while the Year 6s are taught by Miss Burn in a separate room. In the afternoon Years 5 and 6 learn together. The atmosphere in both rooms is friendly and focussed, we help one another on our learning journey and do our very best to adopt a positive attitude, believing that mistakes help us learn.

Please find the attached class letter and timetable which outline our routines and expectations. We believe strongly in partnership between home and school because children are happier and learn best in this way, so please do get in touch if anything is unclear, or if any issues arise - we will always do our best to help.

With warmest wishes,

Sophie Kerr, Julia Burn, Jane Kearvell, Lyn Bostock and Rachel Deegan

Class events

Fri 17 Jul

End of term

See the full diary...

Year 6 - Week 1

Hello Year 6 students!

As you know, you are in the Voyagers class with Miss Kerr for all subjects apart from English and Maths, so please look at her posts for History and mine for Computing. In Maths and English, please be getting on with Times Tables Rock Stars, My Maths, Mathletics and Reading Eggspress. I haven't set particular activities because you are all at different levels and between the program and yourself, you can choose what you need to focus on. Please also read, read, read! There are plenty of things to read online as well as paper books. 

The only thing missing therefore is Writing. I think it would be lovely for Year 6 students to write poems to share with the school. Please spend a bit of time this week thinking about what you would like your poem to be about. It could be the Spring, the bird song and the loveliness of nature at this time of year, or how it feels to be in lockdown, a mixture of the two (I can imagine a very clever poem contrasting the excitement of nature with the boredom of lockdown) or anything else. Poems are best when they have been drafted and redrafted a few times, but when it is finished, either write it up in best handwriting and decorate it, or set it out nicely in a word processed document, and email it to parent.support@brize-norton.oxon.sch.uk and mwise@brize-norton.oxon.sch.uk. We will share your creations here for all to see! 

Please also have a look here at the new Oak National Academy, for lots of lessons in English, Maths and other subjects with video explanation. You can look down at Year 4 and 5 and up to Years 7 and 8 too, if you like. I've had a go at a few this morning and they are great. 

Mrs Fairhurst

Summer 1 Week 1!

Dear all,

I hope you are all doing well and that you have made the most of the beautiful weather. It was great to see the Lego creations and the bunnies that you sent me over the holiday - thank you!

It looks like you will be learning from home for a little while yet, so I have prepared a week's worth of work for you to do. We have to start learning new concepts now and I have done my best to find things that will explain it all clearly.

Everyone has Maths, Writing, Reading, Spelling, History and Computing to do this week. Reading and Spelling can be found on Reading Eggspress - I have set you assignments. I am posting Maths, Writing and History separately as there are quite a lot of attachments, you can find the posts below this one. History and Writing are linked this week. Computing has been posted by Mrs Fairhurst and you just need to follow the plans one you've installed what you need - this is explained in the post.

Now, this is new for us all, so I may not get it right straight away. Please email me if you need further help, if there's too much work or not enough - we're all in this together you know!

Missy K x


OK, so it looks like a lot but this is everything for everyone! You just need to open the word document for your year group and follow the instructions. All the resources you need are attached, please complete work in your exercise book and your Power Maths book. There is no need to send your work to me - you can mark it yourself or your parents/big siblings can do it for you - but do let me know if you need help with anything.

Have fun!

Missy K x

Writing and History

Ooooo, I'm so excited about our History focus for this term! Everything you need for the History and Writing tasks is attached, start with the History ('Benin Task 1') as it will help you with the Writing. There is a PowerPoint for you to use, called The Ancient City of Benin, I have also posted it as a PDF - it may be easier for you to access the information, depending on the devise you use.

If you want to, you can send me pictures of your work to put with this post. Whatever you decide, you need to keep everything, as I'm asking you to create a project from all your Benin work. All will be revealed when you read the Benin Project file...

Thank You Children 

Thank you to all the children who have stayed indoors, not always understanding why they can’t go out and see their friends. So here’s a shout out to those children, for raising our spirits and making us smile. They deserve a medal! Or at least a certificate, to show our appreciation. Mrs Mills x

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