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Welcome to Voyager Class!

Welcome one and all!

In Voyagers, our philosophy is simple. We strive to do our best, approaching each new challenge with fortitude and a ‘can do’ attitude.

We may find new concepts hard to begin with but, with determination and perseverance, we will get there together!

All areas of the curriculum are equally important: some subjects provide challenges and some enable us to shine. Some give us mountains to climb and the satisfaction of reaching the summit, with a glorious fist pump. Others enable us to develop skills in areas in which we are confident, permitting the well-earned glow of further success. For each of us, these challenges are different – how wonderful that we are all individual!

Whatever the challenge, we do it together. Every single member of the Voyagers class is of equal importance and value. We look after each other and applaud the successes of each individual.

We are so lucky that Miss Kearvell and Mrs Mulcahy join our team to help us on our journey. Their invaluable assistance and encouragement promotes our learning and development.

Parents, please remember that your input is invaluable and greatly appreciated. Feel free to approach any one of us whenever you have a concern or something to share. An appointment is not necessary. The door is always open!

Our class name could not be more apt – it is a vital link with our community but also represents the ability of each and every one of us to fly!

Let’s approach our time together with a positive attitude and the anticipation of that wonderful phrase: ‘Yes! I get it!’

Off we go!

Miss Reynolds

Class events

Fri 24 Sep

Harvest Festival in church

Mon 11 Oct

Y5/6 girls' football competition

Tue 9 Nov

Flu immunisation

Thu 11 Nov

Remembrance ceremony

Fri 3 Dec

Voyagers sharing assembly

Wed 8 Dec

Final swimming for Y4 and 5

Thu 9 Dec

Y4 - 6 Christmas concert

Tue 14 Dec

Carol service in church

Tue 14 Dec

Christmas dinner

Fri 17 Dec

Final assembly with parent celebration assembly

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Anyone for tennis?

After a range of warms up, we reminded each other of the ready position and how to playing forehand, before practising our backhand.  

Brass lessons

We are loving having our lessons with Mr Gray again!

Roman Soldier!

A Roman soldier came to visit our school! Falcons and Voyagers classes had an amazing day learning all about his equipment, how soldiers fought and the history of Rome. They made mosaics and finished the day with a mass battle, Britons versus Romans. Great fun!

Y5/6 English for Tuesday 2nd March

For English today, you have a story grammar worksheet based on subordinating conjunctions, and choose your SPAG Mat (Y5 or Y6 - or both if you fancy), with the answers on the back.

Gruesome Grammar and spellings for next week:

Group 3: spellings and GG Level 7

Group 2: spellings and GG Level 7

Group 1: revision of all Y5/6 spelling words and GG Level 8

Year 4 Maths WB 01.03.21

Hi everyone, 

I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend in the sun! 

So this is the last lot of homeschooling Maths for you...yipee!! This week we are going to carry on focusing on multiplication and we will look at a written method for those calculations you can't do in your head. 

Really looking forward to seeing you all in the classroom next week! 

Miss C 

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