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Welcome to Voyager Class!

It has been wonderful to welcome our new Year 5 pupils alongside Sir Elton and Big Eye Bob (pictured above.) We are really looking forward to an exciting year together...

Our lovely Voyagers receive many visitors during their school day. In the morning learning for Year 5 takes place alongside some Year 4 children while the Year 6s are taught by Miss Burn in a separate room. In the afternoon Years 5 and 6 learn together. The atmosphere in both rooms are friendly and focussed, we help one another on our learning journey and do our very best to adopt a positive attitude, believing that mistakes help us learn.

Please find the attached class letter and timetable which outline our routines and expectations. We believe strongly in partnership between home and school because children are happier and learn best in this way, so please do get in touch if anything is unclear, or if any issues arise - we will always do our best to help.

With warmest wishes,

Julia Burn, Sophie Kerr, Jane Kearvell, Lyn Bostock and Rachel Deegan

Class events

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Size up your pal...

Our morning Voyagers used their measuring skills to find out the vital statistics of their most furry pals..next stop, calculating their  area and perimeter...🧐


Years 5 and 6 designed and made frameworks for earthquake proof buildings today. The materials and testing methods may have been a little unconventional, but the innovation shown by the children more than made up for it!

Key Stage 2 Summer Concert

Year 5 enrichment day

Thank you to Burford School for such a fun day, giving us a taster of all the exciting things students do there. 


Even more fun today, including lazer maze, lazer conquest, archery, fencing and dancing, finishing off with mini Olympics. 

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