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Welcome to Voyagers Class!

Welcome one and all!

In Voyagers, our philosophy is simple. We strive to do our best, approaching each new challenge with fortitude and a ‘can do’ attitude.

We may find new concepts hard to begin with but, with determination and perseverance, we will get there together!

All areas of the curriculum are equally important: some subjects provide challenges and some enable us to shine. Some give us mountains to climb and the satisfaction of reaching the summit, with a glorious fist pump. Others enable us to develop skills in areas in which we are confident, permitting the well-earned glow of further success. For each of us, these challenges are different – how wonderful that we are all individual!

Whatever the challenge, we do it together. Every single member of the Voyagers class is of equal importance and value. We look after each other and applaud the successes of each individual.

We are so lucky that Mrs. Stripe joins our team to help us on our journey and teaches us for one day of the week.  Her invaluable assistance and encouragement promotes our learning and development.

Parents, please remember that your input is invaluable and greatly appreciated. Feel free to approach any one of us whenever you have a concern or something to share. An appointment is not necessary. The door is always open!

Our class name could not be more apt – it is a vital link with our community but also represents the ability of each and every one of us to fly!

Let’s approach our time together with a positive attitude and the anticipation of that wonderful phrase: ‘Yes! I get it!’

Off we go!

Mrs. Lord

Class events

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Underground maze and bouldering were a hit!

A few more pictures of very happy children enjoying the activities yesterday😊

Wet n muddy

After some heavy down pours, the underground maze and obstacle course have proven rather wet and muddy - but the kids have continued to love it all!

Canoeing and kayaking

It was really nice for all of our groups to walk down to the lake together yesterday afternoon and play some games out on the water.  All of the children enjoyed splashing around and having LOTS of fun😊

High ropes

Possibly one of my favourite activities so far.  The children were amazing!! They conquered fears, worked together and were bursting with pride when they’d completed this activity…and those ropes were HIGH!!

2nd birthday of the week!

Some very sleepy children this morning - but, we got them going with some birthday music and a dance down the corridor!!  Our second birthday of the week; the sun is shining outside and we have a fun-packed day ahead of us!!😊

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