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Welcome to Voyager Class!

It has been wonderful to welcome our new Year 5 pupils alongside Sir Elton and Big Eye Bob (pictured above.) We are really looking forward to an exciting year together...

Our lovely Voyagers receive many visitors during their school day. In the morning learning for Year 5 takes place alongside some Year 4 children while the Year 6s are taught by Miss Burn in a separate room. In the afternoon Years 5 and 6 learn together. The atmosphere in both rooms is friendly and focussed, we help one another on our learning journey and do our very best to adopt a positive attitude, believing that mistakes help us learn.

Please find the attached class letter and timetable which outline our routines and expectations. We believe strongly in partnership between home and school because children are happier and learn best in this way, so please do get in touch if anything is unclear, or if any issues arise - we will always do our best to help.

With warmest wishes,

Sophie Kerr, Julia Burn, Jane Kearvell, Lyn Bostock and Rachel Deegan

Class events

Fri 17 Jul

End of term

See the full diary...

Work for week beginning 8.6.20


Thank you all for your lovely feedback about the slides - it makes all the hard work worth it to know you are finding them easy follow! Thank you also for all your work - your Geography and Science maps and presentations are on the post below this one.

Ok, so this week it's all about getting the diaries finished. I really hope you enjoy the whole task - take your time with it, then you can carefully think about each part. Y5 I'd love to see a photo of the finished book - and Y6 I'd love you to bring them to school on the 15th.

It would be good to see your geography presentations, but there's no need to send Science or Maths this week as these tasks are quite worksheety. I haven't assigned specific worksheets to specific MyMaths lessons so do them when it fits in with you. If it's tricky to remember stuff do them as you go along, if you want to test your knowledge do them all at the end. Either way, make sure you complete a minimum of 3 in total, find the right level of challenge for you and focus where you feel you need the practise. It's not always as easy as it looks, so don't rely on 'eye' judgement, count along and up, use a ruler, turn the page etc.

I have put spelling onto Reading Eggspress for both Y5 and Y6, but no reading comprehension as your diary making will take you some time this week. You can of course pick your own reading tasks, as always, but I hope you're all keeping up with your own reading anyway.

That's it for now! Have a lovely week!

Missy K xx

Thank you for your Geography and Science!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their maps and presentations this week. It is a pleasure to see such depth of detail and the care you are taking over your work.

I have added your classifications from last week (beginning 1st June) and this.

Much love,

Missy K xx

Week Beginning 1.6.20!

Dear All,

I hope half term was good for everyone - this weather is making all the difference I think!

So, the learning instructions have undergone a makeover during the break. I have been experimenting with Google Slides and feel they offer enormous potential for both home and school learning. The slides I have prepared can be used in both contexts easily, which means the children will have access to the same lessons whether they are in school or at home. I am also hopeful that they are written in such a way that home learning can be fairly independent in readiness for the return to school.

There is a little video to access from the first slide. It will take you to Google Drive, but if you have no access to this, you won't have missed anything (I'm just saying hello!) However, it may be worth setting up a Google account for future slides that may be more informative (not guaranteed though!)

The only work you need to send me for this week is the presentation for Science and the map for Geography. The diaries can wait as this week is all about the preparation and the ground work - some Y5 and Y6 tasks are separate, but neither will have written anything directly for the diary. Please note there are a lot of Y6 Maths worksheets in this post - once you read the Maths instructions you will understand why, but I just want to make it clear that you are NOT expected to do them all!

There is no Reading Eggspress reading task as there is a comprehension set as part of the English for this week. Everyone is more than welcome to choose their own book to read and complete tasks of their own choosing. Y5 have spellings but not Y6 as yet - my log in needs to be set up differently so that I can assign the work. There is some skills practise on Y5 Mathletics, and Y6 have some FDP consolidation on MyMaths.

That's all for now - I hope you enjoy the slides!!

Fab Work Everyone!

Hello all,

I have been regularly posting all the work you have been sending me, but it is a few pages back now, so I'm going to post the latest offerings here for your enjoyment! Thank you for continuing to work so hard to complete your tasks, and to such a good standard.

Miss K xx

Year 6: WB 18-5-20

Hi all,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend enjoying the sunshine. All of this week's tasks are in the usual places; maths tasks on 'My Maths', reading work on 'Reading Eggspress' and this week's writing task is below. Lots of children enjoyed the 'Pobble' writing task last week, so I have chosen to use a similar format this week too. 

Thanks for continuing to work hard at home and have a great week.

Mr Wise 

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