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Welcome to Voyager Class!

Hello and welcome to the Voyagers' Home Page! We have lots of lovely Year 4 and 5 children in our class this year. The wonderful Mrs Williams, Mrs Edmunds and Mrs Mulcahy support us in class.

I am a firm believer in hard work and putting 100% effort into each and every task. If your child comes home and tells you that 'the work is tricky or difficult,' please don't panic; it is meant to be challenging so that they have the opportunity to build on previous knowledge and develop new skills. I do not give my students work that they can access too easily as this will slow their progress and limit their capabilities. Learning is meant to be a whole of host of things- 'easy' is not one of them.

I am a huge fan of Prof Carol Dweck and her work on teaching children to have 'growth mindsets.' Over the next few weeks, I am hoping you will begin to hear your child say phrases such as, "I can't do it... yet," or "I have made a fantastic mistake that I can learn from." Promoting a growth mindset within the school and home reassures children that it is 'ok' to get things wrong. This in turn will help them to take more risks with their learning and feel less intimated by challenge.

If there is anything you would like to discuss with me about your child's wellbeing or education, my door is always open. Please make an appointment to see me after school so that we can chat in-depth. I look forward to the year ahead and working in close partnership. You are the experts on your child and I would really value your input or any suggestions you may have.

Thank you, Mrs Kerry Mills

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Year 4- Here is your maths PowerPoint for Tuesday. You are looking at tenths and hundredths today and working in your Power Maths books. (Click on the Power_maths_fractions_jan_12th link in the documents section.) 

Year 5, please follow the maths planning on the Falcons web page because you have the Power Maths 5B book and this contains different objectives to the Year 4B book. (However, you will all be studying fractions this half term so you are very welcome to have a look at the PowerPoints/resources on this web page too.)

To make things a bit easier, I have taken the Year 5 maths planning and resources from Miss Kerr's page and tweaked them slightly. I have uploaded them on this post so you can see what I mean. Any problems, please let me know- we can discuss it and go over anything that you don't understand in our Teams meeting on Thursday or Friday. Im here to help so remember to keep the positive mindset and 'can do' attitude! Mrs M x

Happy Monday!

If anyone is feeling a bit 'blue' this morning, (see what I did there?!) here is a photo of Missy K and I to cheer you all up! Well, it always manages to make me smile ❤️

Enjoy! Mrs Mills x

WB 11/01/21: Maths


Here is your maths investigation lesson for Monday 11th January. As previously discussed on Friday, Year 5 children are welcome to follow the planning on the Voyager's page OR the Falcon's page... it is entirely up to you. Have fun!

Miss Reynolds 

W/B 11/01/21: Literacy

Dear Voyagers,

Hello! Miss Reynolds here. I hope you had a relaxing weekend and are ready to attack the week with gusto! Your Spelling, Comprehension and Grammar lessons are below. There is one PowerPoint for Monday and one for Tuesday. I will be sending you an invitation for a group meeting and am looking forward to getting to know you all!

Meet the crew...

Ok, so here we go again, only this time it's a bit different... Teachers are going to be working in class teams, teaching the same children but alternating with a week based in school and a week based at home. Mrs Mills and I are super excited to be working with Miss Reynolds - some of you may recognise her from her Tuesday music lessons in KS1? Anyhoo, the poor lady has been put with Mrs Mills and I, but she is very excited to be working with you all on Mondays (all day), Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Mrs Mills will be with you on Wednesday mornings and all day Thursday and Friday. On my weeks, I will be with you every day apart from Tuesdays when Mrs Bostock and Mrs Edmunds will be holding the fort.

When teachers are in school, Teams meetings may be a bit different and we won't be as available as we are when we are at home. I'm sure we'll settle into some kind of routine but we have a lot to juggle, especially when teaching in the classroom as well, so please bear with if we're a little slow to respond.

Last week, we sat down and prepared a timetable. I have attached this so that you can see which subjects will be taught when, and by whom. The teacher responsible will set the work for both Voyagers and Falcons, so you won't have every subject every week. English and Maths are different, this work will be set by your usual class teacher every week. Those of you who are at home can choose to follow the timetable and complete your work at the same time as those in school if you would like. If you decide not to, that's absolutely fine! However, make sure you complete your English and Maths lessons on the correct days as these will tie in with your Teams meetings.

Phew! I think that's everything for now!

Have a lovely week,

Miss K x

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