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Welcome to Voyager Class!

Hello and welcome to the Voyagers' Home Page! We have lots of lovely Year 4 and 5 children in our class this year. The wonderful Mrs Williams, Mrs Edmunds and Mrs Mulcahy support us in class.

I am a firm believer in hard work and putting 100% effort into each and every task. If your child comes home and tells you that 'the work is tricky or difficult,' please don't panic; it is meant to be challenging so that they have the opportunity to build on previous knowledge and develop new skills. I do not give my students work that they can access too easily as this will slow their progress and limit their capabilities. Learning is meant to be a whole of host of things- 'easy' is not one of them.

I am a huge fan of Prof Carol Dweck and her work on teaching children to have 'growth mindsets.' Over the next few weeks, I am hoping you will begin to hear your child say phrases such as, "I can't do it... yet," or "I have made a fantastic mistake that I can learn from." Promoting a growth mindset within the school and home reassures children that it is 'ok' to get things wrong. This in turn will help them to take more risks with their learning and feel less intimated by challenge.

If there is anything you would like to discuss with me about your child's wellbeing or education, my door is always open. Please make an appointment to see me after school so that we can chat in-depth. I look forward to the year ahead and working in close partnership. You are the experts on your child and I would really value your input or any suggestions you may have.

Thank you, Mrs Kerry Mills

Class events

Mon 16 Nov

(provisional) Y3/4 and Y5/6 football tournament

Mon 30 Nov

Pantomime trip for Years 2 - 6

See the full diary...

Blenheim Palace Public Speaking

The Writing Club went to Blenheim Palace for a tour and workshop on public speaking inspired by the work of Winston Churchill. The trip was great fun and we have lots of ideas for doing our own speeches now! Our winning team will return to Blenheim to compete against other schools in March. 

Seasoned Forest Schoolers

We've had a great couple of weeks so far at Forest School.  

KS2 are studying Ancient Greece in Topic at the moment so the children explored the site in the first session by searching for Greek pictures that then needed ordering into a timeline.  They could then have a go at writing their name on a tree cookie using the Greek Alphabet.  However, as seasoned Forest Schoolers, many of the children were already keen to follow their own path of learning.

Some chose to build dens, whilst others whittled spears, lit fires, made charcoal, created pencils or built pulley systems.  The mud kitchen was popular, so we added some herbs the following week and the children created Harry Potter potions!

It's been so lovely to see the children working together outdoors; exploring, playing, growing in confidence, using their imagination and persevering when things don't go as planned.

Christmas celebrations in Voyagers Class!

The children were utterly delightful when they opened their books from Mrs Fairhurst and their book lights from us. Our new recruit Mrs Lilley said it was ‘just beautiful’ to watch them!

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - see you in 2019! 

Panto Pandemonium

What a brilliant performance this was! Well done to everyone who took part, and Happy Christmas. 

Year 5/6 Football Tournament

The indoor games were fast and furious with many, many goals being scored.  The team really came together to support each other to both attack and defend in some very competitive matches.  

We were really pleased to come 3rd!  Well done everybody!!

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