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Welcome to Voyager Class!

Welcome one and all!

In Voyagers, our philosophy is simple. We strive to do our best, approaching each new challenge with fortitude and a ‘can do’ attitude.

We may find new concepts hard to begin with but, with determination and perseverance, we will get there together!

All areas of the curriculum are equally important: some subjects provide challenges and some enable us to shine. Some give us mountains to climb and the satisfaction of reaching the summit, with a glorious fist pump. Others enable us to develop skills in areas in which we are confident, permitting the well-earned glow of further success. For each of us, these challenges are different – how wonderful that we are all individual!

Whatever the challenge, we do it together. Every single member of the Voyagers class is of equal importance and value. We look after each other and applaud the successes of each individual.

We are so lucky that Miss Kearvell and Mrs Mulcahy join our team to help us on our journey. Their invaluable assistance and encouragement promotes our learning and development.

Parents, please remember that your input is invaluable and greatly appreciated. Feel free to approach any one of us whenever you have a concern or something to share. An appointment is not necessary. The door is always open!

Our class name could not be more apt – it is a vital link with our community but also represents the ability of each and every one of us to fly!

Let’s approach our time together with a positive attitude and the anticipation of that wonderful phrase: ‘Yes! I get it!’

Off we go!

Miss Reynolds

Class events

Thu 4 Nov

Y5/6 girls' football final

Tue 9 Nov

Flu immunisation

Thu 11 Nov

Remembrance ceremony

Fri 26 Nov

Y4 - 6 We the Curious trip

Wed 8 Dec

Final swimming for Y4 and 5

Thu 9 Dec

Y4 - 6 Christmas concert

Tue 14 Dec

Carol service in church

Thu 16 Dec

Y4 - 6 Pinocchio trip

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Voyagers RE Lesson for Thursday 8th July

Dear Voyagers

Sorry I will not be seeing you for RE this afternoon but I do not want you to miss out so here is the session for you to complete at home. 

Please watch the power point then complete the activities. You do not need to print these out, write your own definitions and create your own fact file about Martin Luther King, the attached document may be used as a guide but add as much information as you can. If you are really shining you can, of course, do some more independent research!

Best wishes

Mrs Winter

The missing pictures!

After conquering Snowdon, the children were tired so had a fairly laid back morning.  In the afternoon, we were given sole use of the playing fields where the children did some den-building.  They were given a scenario of being stranded in the rainforest with limited supplies and had to work together to create shelter.  There were some ingenious designs and ideas.  Afterwards, we made paracord keyrings and then went back to camp for dinner and marshmallows.

Our journey home yesterday was fairly quiet but was broken up by a very welcome break at Chris and Fiss’s in Shropshire.  The children were treated to a BBQ with Oscar declaring it was ‘the best burger he’d ever tasted!’

Have a restful weekend kids!!

Oxenwood Day 2

They've had another great day, including shelter building: superb but not necessarily waterproof! 

Snowdon Oscar Ceremony

Apologies for the lack of pictures today - we have been somewhat busy.  The children have had a fairly relaxing day after yesterday’s great adventure with some team building activities this afternoon.  We will post photos but probably on our bus journey home tomorrow. However despite the weather this evening, we were very keen to host a mini awards ceremony with the children. We wanted to celebrate just how amazing we all think they are.  They have shown us their uniqueness, their talents, their quirks, their perseverance, their empathy, their compassion…the list goes on.  And we (school and BXM staff) wanted to let them know just how brilliant we all think they are.  Enjoy the pics!!

Night walk

Woods exploration complete, muddy shoes de rigour! All now tucked up in cosy sleeping bags.

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