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Welcome to Voyager Class!

It has been wonderful to welcome our new Year 5 pupils alongside Sir Elton and Big Eye Bob (pictured above.) We are really looking forward to an exciting year together...

Our lovely Voyagers receive many visitors during their school day. In the morning learning for Year 5 takes place alongside some Year 4 children while the Year 6s are taught by Miss Burn in a separate room. In the afternoon Years 5 and 6 learn together. The atmosphere in both rooms is friendly and focussed, we help one another on our learning journey and do our very best to adopt a positive attitude, believing that mistakes help us learn.

Please find the attached class letter and timetable which outline our routines and expectations. We believe strongly in partnership between home and school because children are happier and learn best in this way, so please do get in touch if anything is unclear, or if any issues arise - we will always do our best to help.

With warmest wishes,

Sophie Kerr, Julia Burn, Jane Kearvell, Lyn Bostock and Rachel Deegan

Class events

See the full diary...


I just thought I would throw this list into the mix. I haven't tried/vetted  all of them and some of them you will already know/be using but perhaps you may discover something a bit different or something to engage your child/children. I hope that it is useful.

Miss Burn

Reflecting the thoughts of the nation 

Well done DG and the M and C families...


Hello all,  How's it going?

 It's been a funny old first week hasn't it? Well here comes week 2...

 Thank you for your emails, photos and questions - it really is great to keep in touch! Most of you completed the ReadingEggspress homework so well done. There are now new tasks waiting for you. The MyMaths was only attempted by 5 of you which was a little disappointing-let's see if more of you can rise to the challenge this week...I hope you are all reading regularly, it's so important to your future learning progress! Remember what I said about times tables at the start of the year...

Still waiting for some of your puppet pictures ...? I'm almost finished mine! Watch this space!

Stay safe, make your families proud and enjoy this time together!

Miss Burn X

Voyager's Tasks for Week  2...

Hello all,

Well, we're a week in and I would like to say a huge well done to the peeps who have submitted their work on time, and kept on top of their home learning. This is a big change for all of us and those of you who are making sure you get your school work done, as you normally would, are showing incredible maturity, dedication and independence. Thank you x

OK, so onto the tasks for this week...


You have all you need for now, so please just continue with the list you took home the other week (seems like an age ago!) Keep up the mental maths with the online platforms, I will set more specific work after this week. Please also get your Book A tasks finished by the end of the Easter holiday, we will start on Book B after that (if school is still closed.)

Reading (to be done by the end of the Easter holiday.)

Please choose a book to read on Reading Eggspress. It can be anything. Once you have read it, please create a book review (I have attached two examples to show you the kind of thing to include.) I would like to create a 'Recommendations' post for our class after the Easter holiday (if school is still closed.)

Writing (to be done by 6.4.20) 

Please go to the home page on Reading Eggspress and click on 'Writing Press.' Please click on 'Poetry' in the Writing Fun box. You will see lots of general information about poetry, and a list of different kinds of poems on the left. Read about 'Cinquain.' I have included screen shots of these pages in case you have any difficulty accessing the information.

I would like you to write your own cinquain poem, using the info on Reading Eggspress to guide you. I would like the content to be based around the information you have gathered from reading the book on Climate Change. Pick out the most powerful and effective technical and descriptive words you can, making sure they fit the categories needed to write a cinquain poem. Try lots of different combos before creating your final poem. Once complete, please write it out, illustrate it, be as creative as you like, and send me a photo - I will put it on the website. 

You next task is explained on the Earth Speaks documents that are attached. You will need to do them in order.

That's all for now! Remember I am just an email away if you need anything, or if you just want to chat and let me know what you're up to xx

A Thank You...

Just a little heartfelt and personal note, echoing the sentiments of the nation... Thank you AC (Falcons) -Miss Burn x

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