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Welcome to Voyager Class!

It has been wonderful to welcome our new Year 5 pupils alongside Sir Elton and Big Eye Bob (pictured above.) We are really looking forward to an exciting year together...

Our lovely Voyagers receive many visitors during their school day. In the morning learning for Year 5 takes place alongside some Year 4 children while the Year 6s are taught by Miss Burn in a separate room. In the afternoon Years 5 and 6 learn together. The atmosphere in both rooms are friendly and focussed, we help one another on our learning journey and do our very best to adopt a positive attitude, believing that mistakes help us learn.

Please find the attached class letter and timetable which outline our routines and expectations. We believe strongly in partnership between home and school because children are happier and learn best in this way, so please do get in touch if anything is unclear, or if any issues arise - we will always do our best to help.

With warmest wishes,

Julia Burn, Sophie Kerr, Jane Kearvell, Lyn Bostock and Rachel Deegan

Class events

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Hockey Tournament

On Wednesday, Y5 and 6 went to Burford Secondary School for a hockey tournament. Each and everyone of them tried so hard and behaved impeccably: I couldn't have been more proud of them. They represented our school in the best possible way and 'shone' throughout the afternoon. Their  sportsmanship and level of commitment was second to none. 

Well done Year 5 and 6! Mrs M x

Blenheim Trip

On Tuesday 12th November the Year 5 and 6 children travelled to Blenheim Palace where they were treated to a guided tour and a workshop. They found out about the history and inhabitants (past and present) of the Palace including Sir Winston churchill. They visited a library which boasted over 1000 books and many other beautiful rooms filled with glamorous antique furniture and amazing artwork of immense proportions! They stood in the room where Churchill was born and even spotted a display of his baby curls which had been kept by his mother as a memento of his childhood. They saw his artwork and read about many of his exploits as a soldier and politician. Later, they were given tips and tricks to help them master the skills required for public speaking and debate. They had a wonderful morning and also discovered that Luca is BRILLIANT at tongue twisters!

Maths Champions 2019!

Before half term, some of the children went to Carterton Community College to represent us in a maths competition. Despite some very challenging questions, the pupils managed to keep their composure and went on to win! We would just like to say a big thank you to Mr Scully for visiting us today and presenting the children with certificates and the winners' trophy. Well done Brize... and Mrs Fairhurst for organising the trip! 

Maths Champions!

We took part for the first time in the Carterton Community College Maths Challenge just before half term - and we won! The challenges were extremely hard: they made the teachers have a go too and we were certainly stretched. This didn't stop our children who focused, worked excellently as a team, had fun and showed us all what they are capable of. Well done everyone, and thank you very much to Mr Scully from Carterton for organising it.

Soggy Cross Country

Our cross country team braved mud and some rain to compete in the school's cross country championships in Bicester. Well done to everyone - some were near the front of the pack, others were elsewhere but in all cases they did their best, supported each other and had great fun. Thank you to Mrs Keeble for organising this - and on to the next event in a couple of weeks' time!

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