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Welcome to Voyagers Class!

Welcome one and all!

In Voyagers, our philosophy is simple. We strive to do our best, approaching each new challenge with fortitude and a ‘can do’ attitude.

We may find new concepts hard to begin with but, with determination and perseverance, we will get there together!

All areas of the curriculum are equally important: some subjects provide challenges and some enable us to shine. Some give us mountains to climb and the satisfaction of reaching the summit, with a glorious fist pump. Others enable us to develop skills in areas in which we are confident, permitting the well-earned glow of further success. For each of us, these challenges are different – how wonderful that we are all individual!

Whatever the challenge, we do it together. Every single member of the Voyagers class is of equal importance and value. We look after each other and applaud the successes of each individual.

We are so lucky that Mrs. Stripe joins our team to help us on our journey and teaches us for one day of the week.  Her invaluable assistance and encouragement promotes our learning and development.

Parents, please remember that your input is invaluable and greatly appreciated. Feel free to approach any one of us whenever you have a concern or something to share. An appointment is not necessary. The door is always open!

Our class name could not be more apt – it is a vital link with our community but also represents the ability of each and every one of us to fly!

Let’s approach our time together with a positive attitude and the anticipation of that wonderful phrase: ‘Yes! I get it!’

Off we go!

Mrs. Lord

Class events

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Year 6 Oscars

What. A. Night.  I think it is safe to say that the Year 6 are going out in style this year.  Thank you so much to the School Association for all of your behind the scenes work to create a night that I am sure they will remember.  Also huge thanks to the staff that came along to watch, applaud, award, photograph and dance.  
There was some fab House of Pain jumping around, DJ Casper would be proud of your Cha Cha Slide and I think Coolio may need a new job after your karaoke!

Such an amazing night - well done all of you…official photos to follow, courtesy of another former pupil, Hollie Merriman!📸

Our Commonwealth Sports Day

Wow - what a fantastic afternoon we had; from the opening Year 6 baton relay (where they arrived at the track for their last sports day to the crowd applauding them) to our aerobic warm up with Miss ‘Motivator’ Reynolds, cycle races, weightlifting and rugby (to name a few).

It was so amazing to see the children come together to take part and cheer each other on.  The Year 6’s were fantastic, helping to guide the younger children and set up the fun races.  The teamwork and sportsmanship was brilliant.

It was a VERY closely fought afternoon with many personal wins - but only one House got to lift the cup; congratulations Dragons!!

Cycling Proficiency

Congratulations to our 12 cyclists who have passed their cycling proficiency tests this week. 

Cricket Tournament

Wow - another fantastic show of teamwork and sport today.

We knew the first game would be tough; playing lots of county cricket players in torrential rain - but we learned from mistakes and took the loss on the chin. From there on, the children were amazing; some excellent catches, batting and bowling.  Their fielding was brilliant as they became more daring with their leaps and slides to stop balls from reaching the boundary and runs being made.  The following three matches were deserved wins.  The final game was unlucky; the kids seemed tired and made a few mistakes - but, once again, they all played well and supported one another.

Third place is an excellent placing; Burford will be lucky to have these cricketers!  Well done 😊

Tri Golf Tournament

Well, what a fab afternoon we had at the partnership tri golf tournament!  It was a new sport for our children but they listened to the sports leaders carefully and approached each activity with their Voyager ‘can do’ attitude.  They were amazing - and were the only school to get the whole 132 points in one of the games!  

All of the children had a great afternoon and were pleased with their third place - and their biscuit reward from the domino challenge!  Some great sportsmanship, determination and teamwork - well done!

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