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Welcome to Hercules Class!

Welcome to the Hercules Home Page! 

We have lots of wonderful Year 2 and 3 children in our class. To support us within the classroom we have the fantastic Miss Glenister, Mrs Deegan and Mrs Williams. 

We believe that time within school needs to be happy and safe which in turn will promote successful learning. Work should be a challenge in order to build on previous knowledge. Children need to believe in themselves to be able to tackle any given challenges. Mistakes will be made along the way (by us too!) and this is OK!  We need to learn from our mistakes and develop our knowledge to a greater depth. 

We encourage the children in the class to speak out. If there are any concerns or successes, we want to know! And this is the same for parents. Please feel free to talk to us at any appropriate time. Unfortunately time can be limited for parents at the beginning or end of the day, but feel free to make an appointment and we will always make time for you. We are in a partnership to help develop your child’s independence, learning and happiness. 

We look forward to what lies ahead these coming terms. We have many exciting things planned and we are looking forward to the Hercules class continuing to grow together. 

Mrs Catherine Hunter and Miss Emma Cuthbertson

Class events

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New Skills

We had lots of fun in the sun at our last Year 3 Forest School session before half term.  

Some of the children learned to use a knife safely to whittle a stick whilst others experimented with a pulley system.  After a few weeks of using the new tarpaulins and bungees, two groups worked together to create their own dens - complete with seating and cooking areas!

It was lovely to see the children working cooperatively and imaginatively outdoors.

Future Scientists!

Well, as far as school trips go, this has to be one of the very best! On Friday 14th February, KS2 enjoyed an incredible day in We the Curious-  Bristol's public hub for science, art, questions and ideas. 

After visting the 3D planetarium, year 3 and 4 were given the opportunity to work in a real lab and conduct a variety of experiments. As you can see from the photos, this brought 'science to life' by enabling the pupils to create and observe chemical reactions. 

Years 5 and 6 took part in a 'Fantastic Forces' workshop. This enabled them to witness forces in action using far more exciting equipment than we have on offer in our humble classroom!!

A thoroughly enjoyable day and the perfect way to end the half term! Thank you to our wonderful staff (who worked a much longer day than usual) and our volunteers (who gave up their Friday) for making this trip possible. 

Mrs Mills and Miss Kerr

We are Scientists!

This week's Science Club was another big success. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to pop in; it was lovely to see the children conducting experiments and having so much fun with their learning. You could hear the laughter and giggling in all areas of the school! Well done everyone. Mrs Mills 

Young Voices 2020!

Wow! Right behind the stage and a deafening din from 6000 excited children! Here we go...

"Are You Sure We Are Learning Maths Mrs Mills?"

This week, the lovely Lincoln brought in chocolate covered sweets... all the way from Australia! The bag of goodies were all different colours so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to launch a fraction investigation. After biting into them, we were able to identify the colours and then use this information to calculate fractions of amounts and transfer data into a table. Favourite pupil comment during the lesson... "I love maths Mrs Mills!" (Me too- thanks for the chocolate Lincoln!). Mrs M x

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