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Welcome to Hercules Class!

Welcome to the Hercules Home Page! 

We have lots of wonderful Year 2 and 3 children in our class. To support us within the classroom we have the fantastic Miss Glenister, Mrs Deegan and Mrs Williams. 

We believe that time within school needs to be happy and safe which in turn will promote successful learning. Work should be a challenge in order to build on previous knowledge. Children need to believe in themselves to be able to tackle any given challenges. Mistakes will be made along the way (by us too!) and this is OK!  We need to learn from our mistakes and develop our knowledge to a greater depth. 

We encourage the children in the class to speak out. If there are any concerns or successes, we want to know! And this is the same for parents. Please feel free to talk to us at any appropriate time. Unfortunately time can be limited for parents at the beginning or end of the day, but feel free to make an appointment and we will always make time for you. We are in a partnership to help develop your child’s independence, learning and happiness. 

We look forward to what lies ahead these coming terms. We have many exciting things planned and we are looking forward to the Hercules class continuing to grow together. 

Mrs Catherine Hunter and Miss Emma Cuthbertson

Class events

Tue 7 Dec

Y1 - 3 Christmas production

Wed 8 Dec

Y1 - 3 Christmas production

Fri 10 Dec

Y2/3 visit to Cogges

Tue 14 Dec

Carol service in church

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Book Swap

Mrs Mills organised our first ever book cafe and swap as part of our Book Week. Children brought in unwanted books from home, took a new book home and enjoyed sharing books over a drink and a biscuit. Thanks to families' generosity there were lots of books left over to enhance our class book corners! Thank you to Mrs Mills and to all the families who brought books in!

Going potty...

On the last day before half term, all of the children in KS2 created their own Greek pot using a balloon, cardboard and PVA soaked paper - very traditional Ancient Greek techniques indeed! It was a lovely morning, and a welcome end to assessment week. We are looking forward to getting the paint out to finish them off in the next week or two..

Sky TV

Here is our movie! The Writing Club had a fantastic experience at Sky TV! For Safer Internet Day, we produced a TV news programme about keeping safe online. The children had to work in teams to come up with ideas, write the script, select costumes and backgrounds, film and edit. It was amazing to use Sky's professional-quality equipment! (When you watch, you can click "no thanks" when it asks you to log in or register.)

Ashmolean Trip

Years 3 to 6 had a fantastic day at the Ashmolean Museum learning all about the Ancient Greeks. Thank you to Miss Kerr for organising the trip. 

A new Science teacher!

Congratulations to Emily for bringing in the work she has done at home on electrical circuits. She demonstrated it to the class with real confidence, teaching the other children about the role of electrons, conductors, insulators and how burglar alarms work. Thank you Emily!

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