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Welcome to Hercules Class!

Welcome to Hercules Class!

We have lots of wonderful Year 2 and 3 children in our class. To support us within the classroom we have the fantastic Mrs Kearvell and Mrs Edmonds. And on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon the lovely Mrs Rae will be taking the class for Forest School and PE.

I believe that time within school needs to be happy and safe which in turn will promote successful learning. Work should be a challenge in order to build on previous knowledge. Children need to believe in themselves to be able to tackle any given challenges. Mistakes will be made along the way (by myself too!) and this is OK! We need to learn from our mistakes and develop our knowledge to a greater depth.

I encourage the children of my class to speak out. If there are any concerns or successes, I want to know! And this is the same for parents. Please feel free to talk to me at any appropriate time. Unfortunately time can be limited for parents at the beginning or end of the day, but feel free to make an appointment and I will always make time for you. We are in a partnership to help develop your child’s independence, learning and happiness. 

I look forward to what lies ahead this coming year. We have many exciting things planned and I am looking forward to the Hercules class growing together.  

Mrs Catherine Hunter 

Class events

Mon 5 Oct

Mrs Conner's first day back

Fri 13 Nov

(provisional) Hercules sharing assembly

Mon 16 Nov

(provisional) Y3/4 and Y5/6 football tournament

Mon 30 Nov

Pantomime trip for Years 2 - 6

Tue 15 Dec

(provisional) FS/ KS1 production

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Ready to Read? 

Hi guys, here are some reading comprehensions and question papers for both Year 3 and 4. Why not test your retrieval and inference skills today? Good luck, let me know how you get on! Miss you! Mrs M x

Maths Revision 

Don't forget to dip in and out and remind yourself of all the mathematical strategies and concepts we learnt before lockdown. I know there will be lots of things that we didn't have chance to cover but please don't worry- just have a little look at the booklets and do what you can. Miss you, Mrs M x

Literacy so far...

Wow, these reports are coming along nicely already! Well done you guys, I'll keep adding the pictures as we go along. Mrs M x

Writing Task

Hello everyone! For today's writing task, I want you to cast your mind back to the reading comprehension that we did on Monday: Doorstep Wildlife. Looking at the layout, style of writing and grammatical features, could you have a go at writing your own information text about different kinds of animals? For example, India's Insects, Jungle Creatures, Rainforest Animals or Desert Critters. Spend some time today and tomorrow researching and planning your writing- this will make the final process much, much easier. You could find out what they eat, what they need to survive and how they protect themselves from predators. You may even wish to present your work using ICT such as PowerPoint. Whatever you decide to do, have fun and please don't forget to email me some photos so I can upload them to the website. Mrs M x

SPaG Investigation Year 3 and 4...

Literacy Activity :) 

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