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Welcome to Hercules Class!

Welcome to Hercules Class!

We have lots of wonderful Year 2 and 3 children in our class. To support us within the classroom we have the fantastic Mrs Kearvell. And on a Tuesday we have Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Bostock for music and RE.  Whilst on a Wednesday afternoon Miss Hill will be taking the class PE.

We believe that time within school needs to be happy and safe which in turn will promote successful learning. Work should be a challenge in order to build on previous knowledge. Children need to believe in themselves to be able to tackle any given challenges. Mistakes will be made along the way (by us too!) and this is OK! We need to learn from our mistakes and develop our knowledge to a greater depth.

We encourage the children within class to speak out. If there are any concerns or successes, we want to know! And this is the same for parents. Please feel free to talk to us at any appropriate time. Unfortunately time can be limited for parents at the beginning or end of the day, but feel free to make an appointment and we will always make time for you. We are in a partnership to help develop your child’s independence, learning and happiness. 

We look forward to what lies ahead this coming year. We have many exciting things planned and we are looking forward to the Hercules class growing together.  

Mrs Catherine Hunter and Mrs Michele Conner

Class events

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Marvellous Magnets!!

This week we continued with our forces topic in Science.  

We explored how strong some of our magnets were by making paper clip chains!

Teamwork and creativity

It was lovely to see children trying new things this week - working independently or with others.  Some learned a new skill and then taught or helped their peers - which is great.

We used Elder to make beads for necklaces, salt dough to create leaves that can be painted at home, drilled conkers (and learned how to play the traditional Autumnal game) and sawed fox tree cookies.  It was fab to see some children using the den building resources to create camps.  We paused in our learning for hot chocolate and Danish apple cake (recipe to follow as it was VERY popular with this group!)

Our new classroom has arrived!!

Today was a very special day for Brize Norton Primary School and the Hercules class.  Our new classroom has arrived!  It came onto the school grounds in 4 parts and it looks huge!  

It even attracted a little audience whilst the work was taking place!  Exciting times!

Wow! What a successful and busy week we have had in the Hercules class!

The children have been busy creating their own stories based on the book ‘A Huge Bag of Worries’. 

They have been exploring part whole models and even extended part whole models, concentrating on partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and ones. 

We continued with our Forces topic in Science as we explored magnets and what they are attracted too.  

And in Geography we were looking at clouds and linking them into the water cycle. 

Busy busy times. I am glad it is the weekend!! And this weekend is very exciting as the anticipated arrival of our new classroom is here! I for one will be taking a wander down to school over the weekend to have a look at the special delivery!

Autumn Equinox

This week’s session marked the Autumn Equinox - where the day and night are of equal length.  We had lots of Autumnal activities for the children including leaf art, autumn lanterns, conker spiders and bulb planting.

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