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Welcome to Hercules Class!

Welcome to the Hercules Home Page! 

We have lots of wonderful Year 2 and 3 children in our class. To support us within the classroom we have the fantastic Mrs Williams. 

We believe that time within school needs to be happy and safe which in turn will promote successful learning. Work should be a challenge in order to build on previous knowledge. Children need to believe in themselves to be able to tackle any given challenges. Mistakes will be made along the way (by us too!) and this is OK!  We need to learn from our mistakes and develop our knowledge to a greater depth. 

We encourage the children in the class to speak out. If there are any concerns or successes, we want to know! And this is the same for parents. Please feel free to talk to us at any appropriate time. Unfortunately time can be limited for parents at the beginning or end of the day, but feel free to make an appointment and we will always make time for you. We are in a partnership to help develop your child’s independence, learning and happiness. 

We look forward to what lies ahead these coming terms. We have many exciting things planned and we are looking forward to the Hercules class continuing to grow together. 

Mrs Catherine Hunter and Miss Emma Cuthbertson

Class events

Thu 1 Jul

Shuffle-up Day and new children's induction

Fri 2 Jul

School Association BBQ

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We have  done a lot of work on fractions these past few weeks.  There has been a lot of talk about sharing food, like cutting up pizza and sharing sweets.

So today we used cake to look at our fraction work.  Miss King made sure that everyone had an equal share of cake after we had worked hard.  We all deserved a sweet treat!

Bee Bot fun!

We started exploring with the Bee Bots today.  Seeing how we can plan a route and get it to move around our maps!

Mrs H! x

When the Superheroes came to visit!

We had a very exciting morning this morning.  The Buccaneers had some special 'Superhero' visitors to help them with their topic.  

Sergeant Jackson and some of his colleagues came to visit.  Because we had a a very excited (and proud) Master Jackson in our class, we were allowed a quick look too!

It was very exciting seeing hand cuffs, hearing about the tasors, going into the police van and hearing the sirens.

Thank you so much to William for allowing his daddy to come in and visit. (and thanks to the Buccaneers to allow us to borrow your Superheroes!)

Mrs Hunter x

Tennis anyone??

The sun was shining so it was time to brush up on our tennis skills once again.  

Many water breaks in the shade were needed!!

Mrs H! x

Time for tennis!

Today we were developing our Tennis skills.  

We discovered that Henry is very good at tennis (and I was rubbish against him!) and Eddie is now classing himself as a professional!!  Good job everyone!

Mrs H x

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