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Welcome to The Hurricane Class!

We have had a great start to 2020, the children have settled well into the new class routine with Mrs Conner now on maternity leave. Mrs Hunter teaches all day on a Monday and Tuesday afternoons with myself teaching the rest of the week. We have a wonderful team working in the class each morning, Mrs Sutherland (Monday’s and Tuesdays), Mrs Mulcahy (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) and Mrs Webb who is with us every morning.

The Buccaneer Year 1 children stay with us for Phonics, English and Maths each morning and for PE, Music, RE, PSHE and Computing in the afternoons. They join the Buccaneer class on Wednesday and Friday afternoons for Science and History.

If you have any questions or concerns please do come and see me, if I’m not available please contact the school office to arrange a time. Thank you for your support so far whilst both classes have been adjusting to the change. 

Mrs Johnson  

Class events

Mon 25 May - Fri 29 May

Half term

Fri 17 Jul

End of term

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Home Learning W/B 27th April

Hello, I hope you all had a lovely weekend, it's been so lovely having such sunny weather.

I have now uploaded the plans for this week, like last week the tasks are separated into days, hopefully making it a bit easier to plan each day. I have changed phonics this week as I found out there is now free access to Phonics Play which is a great website full of activities. This is also helpful to the Year 2's as it has lots of games and activities for spelling rules. Please do take a look.

Again, each afternoon I will be post the documents you need for the next day. I hope this worked well for you.

There is a fun science activity included in the plans this week, would love to see how you get on with that! 

Mrs J  

Shine award and photos

Well done to Harry who received the Shine award this week! 

It was really hard to choose this week because you have all been working so hard, I have loved seeing your work and reading your stories. Well done to all of you who have completed the work I have set for you, either the written work, Reading Eggs, or any of the other Maths apps and found time for your own science experiments and other activities. You certainly are a busy bunch!

I have uploaded some photos so you can all see what you have been up to this week.

Mrs J 

Resources for Friday 24th

Hi, sorry they are a bit late today, I have been in school today and it was my daughter's birthday so I came home and celebrated with her. I hope you have all had another good day, lovely to read all your emails!

Mrs J 

Resources for Thursday 23rd

Hello, I hope you have all had another good day and have had chance to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Here are the resources you will need for tomorrow's work.

Please don't worry if you don't get all this work completed, I'm just putting ideas out there so if  you wish to follow it you can. I understand that lots of you are trying to juggle work and looking after children, you are doing an amazing job, thank you. Just do what you can, the main thing is being there for your children as they struggle to understand why they can't see their friends and go to school as normal. 

Mrs J 

Resources for Wednesday 22nd

Hello, I hope you've all had another great day. I have uploaded all the resources you will need for tomorrow's learning. 

Thank you so much for your emails and pictures, they really do brighten my day. I have seen some amazing maths today, lots of Lego mazes and different figures being used to help with your learning. Well done, you are all doing an amazing job, thank you!

I have had a couple of queries about how long work should take or how long to spend doing a subject. Here is a rough guide for you, based on what we would do in class. It does often help to have a time limit, keeps their concentration and motivation levels up! 

Phonics - 15 mins

Spelling - 10 mins

English - 45 mins (1 hour max)

Maths - 30 mins practical activities, 20/30 mins work book (1 hour max)

I wouldn't spend too long on one subject, if you don't get it all done, that's fine, just do what you can.

Keep up the good work!  Mrs J 

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