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Welcome to The Hurricane Class.

We are a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class with space for 20 Year 1 and 10 Year 2 children. Our teacher is Mrs. Winter with Mrs. Deegan supporting in the mornings and Mrs. Sutherland in the afternoons. 

Class events

Fri 20 Nov

(provisional) Hurricanes sharing assembly)

Mon 30 Nov

Pantomime trip for Years 2 - 6

Tue 15 Dec

(provisional) FS/ KS1 production

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Read 5 nights this week! Well Done!

Amelia, Millie, Ophelia, Eliza, Nancy, Lucy, William B, Ruth 

100% Spellers!  Way to go!  Friday, 14/9!

Spencer, Harry W, Scarlett, Anwen, Mylo, Nancy, Jack, Isabelle

First Forest School of the New School Year

The Hurricanes were a little excited to get out to Forest School on Tuesday!

They were excellent at recalling rules on how to stay safe before going off to explore, play, climb, create and build. Some of the children were keen to help do a little maintenance in the pond area (clearing some of the plants so that we could see the pond!) and topping up the water after our lovely, dry summer. Others helped to forage for blackberries to have with our campfire pancakes!

Happy Birthday, Nancy and Miss Hill!  

Autumn Term 1 

Dear Parents,

I am so pleased to be teaching your child this year at Brize Norton Primary. I am very excited for a wonderful and fun year of learning and smiles!

At the start of this new term, we would like to remind you of the importance of regular attendance at school, whenever possible. Our target is 95% because it has been proven that children who attend less than this can suffer damage to their education. 95% attendance is still the equivalent of 2 weeks’ missed learning over the year. Children who attend fewer than 90% of sessions can find this having a serious impact on their learning, because that is the equivalent, over a year, of 4 weeks’ missed learning, or 100 missed lessons.

The Autumn Term 1 value is Belonging. We will be focusing on being a positive member of the class, school and community. Being connected to something and having a sense of belonging is very important, especially for children to feel valued.

Regarding homework, I believe homework is important as it teaches responsibility and also develops positive study habits in students. I will assign homework weekly. It will be given on Monday and is due Friday. Homework will first consist of a reading record. Parents, please make sure that your child is reading and you will sign their reading record nightly. It will also contain one spelling worksheet and will alternate weeks of one timed maths worksheet and one maths worksheet to reinforce a standard that we learned in class. On Fridays, the children will be tested on those given spelling words, as well as the math fact worksheet they had been given for homework. All students will begin on addition 1’s, then as they pass the timed test they will progress. If your child is having any difficulties, please inform me so I could help him/her remain confident in their studies.

Forest school is Tuesdays and PE is Thursdays. Please have proper kit for those days.

The class schedule is as follows:

Every morning we do phonics, guided reading and literacy. Maths is always after lunch.

Our afternoon schedule is below:

Mondays – Local Historical Event and Changes Over Time: RAF 100 and Spanish

Tuesdays – Forest School

Wednesdays – Science (Properties of Everyday Mateials) and Computing (Creativity: Photo Poster)

Thursdays – RE (Do Religious Symbols mean the Same to Everyone and Harvest) - PE (games/football focus)

Fridays – Music and PSHE (Relationships, friendships and bullying)

By working together, I am sure that we can make this a positive experience for your child.

Thank you for your support!


Mrs. Conner 

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