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Welcome to The Hurricanes Class.

We are a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class with space for 20 Year 1 and 10 Year 2 children. Our teacher is Mrs. Winter with Mrs. Sutherland supporting. We aim to provide a supportive, nurturing environment where children can continue to progress on their learning journey and meet their potential. Children should feel secure to make mistakes as well as celebrate achievements.

We believe education to be a partnership between school and home, working together to meet the needs of every child. Communication is key to this partnership so please come and talk to us if you have any worries or concerns, or want to share your child's successes. If you wish to have a longer conversation, please make an appointment so we have time to listen. 

We look forward to supporting your children as they continue to develop and grow. 

Class events

Fri 24 Sep

Harvest Festival in church

Thu 7 Oct

Y1 - 3 PE fun afternoon

Tue 9 Nov

Flu immunisation

Thu 11 Nov

Remembrance ceremony

Fri 12 Nov

Hurricanes sharing assembly

Tue 7 Dec

Y1 - 3 Christmas production

Wed 8 Dec

Y1 - 3 Christmas production

Tue 14 Dec

Christmas dinner

Tue 14 Dec

Carol service in church

Fri 17 Dec

Final assembly with parent celebration assembly

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Pond-dipping, dens and butterflies

We had a lovely afternoon of sunshine and the children took a much more relaxed approach to Forest School. Many of them went off to shadier areas to build dens, play with water in the mud kitchen or do some pond dipping.  Having talked about the life cycle of frogs, some children were lucky enough to spot a frog sun bathing!  There was some relaxed creativity and a sudden rush near the end of the session to make simple butterfly feeders using nectar that we’d made on the fire earlier in the session.

Hurricanes Summer 2 Timetable

To keep you up to date, there are a few changes to our timetable this term so please see attached document. Key points to note are that our PE will now be on THURSDAY (no longer Monday) and we will also be changing reading books and checking reading records on this day so children will need their reading folders in school. Forest school will continue on Tuesday afternoons. 

Can I also take this opportunity to remind you children are expected to read five times per week with an adult at home and these should be recorded in their reading record (five separate entries please). 

Spelling and homework books will still be brought in on Friday then sent home again on Monday. 

Many thanks for your continued support

Mrs. Winter, Mrs. Sutherland and Mrs. Deegan 

New Geography Topic: 7 continents, 5 oceans

Dear Hurricanes Parents and Carers

In geography this term we are going to be learning about the different continents around the world and are going to start by discussing what the children already know. Before the topic begins, please help them to remember any times that they have been abroad (this may be some time ago now) on holiday or to visit relatives, or any contact with friends or relatives living abroad. If you currently have any friends or relatives living abroad, perhaps you and your child(ren) could contact them and discuss how it is similar or different to the UK.

If possible, please help your child(ren) to find any relevant photographs of the countries with which they are familiar that they could bring into school to attach to a map of the world. They may also wish to bring in to show and share other resources, such as mementoes or souvenirs of your holiday or visits. Our first session will be on Monday 7th June, this is our first day back so please ensure they are prepared if they have anything they wish to bring in and share. 

Many thanks 

Mrs Winter 

Art days, stage 1: colour exploration

Following our Great Fire of London topic, Hurricanes class created toothpaste batik fabric paintings to represent the fire. What is a toothpaste batik fabric painting? As with hot wax batik, a mixture of toothpaste and hand lotion (!) is painted on the fabric as a barrier, colour is then added, allowed to dry, then the toothpaste mixture rinsed off to 'reveal' the image.

All art projects start with an exploration of colour and drawing/ painting. In the first stage children explored different media, pastels, water colours and poster paints, to blend fire colours.

Please scroll down to see further posts of our art days, I took too many photos for one post! Final pieces are in the last post. 

Art days, stage 2: drawing and painting

In preparation for their final piece, and to practice using the colours, children used charcoal and chunky crayons to sketch their fire pictures. 

Chosen sketches were then placed behind a frame and traced onto fabric using the toothpaste mixture. Colour was added to second sketches. 

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