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Welcome to The Hurricanes Class.

We are a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class with space for 20 Year 1 and 10 Year 2 children. Our teacher is Mrs. Winter with Mrs. Sutherland supporting. We aim to provide a supportive, nurturing environment where children can continue to progress on their learning journey and meet their potential. Children should feel secure to make mistakes as well as celebrate achievements.

We believe education to be a partnership between school and home, working together to meet the needs of every child. Communication is key to this partnership so please come and talk to us if you have any worries or concerns, or want to share your child's successes. If you wish to have a longer conversation, please make an appointment so we have time to listen. 

We look forward to supporting your children as they continue to develop and grow. 

Class events

Tue 9 Nov

Flu immunisation

Thu 11 Nov

Remembrance ceremony

Tue 7 Dec

Y1 - 3 Christmas production

Wed 8 Dec

Y1 - 3 Christmas production

Thu 9 Dec

FS / Y1 trip to Cogges

Fri 10 Dec

Y2/3 visit to Cogges

Tue 14 Dec

Carol service in church

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Cookery Help Please?

We will be doing our DT Cookery unit next week using seasonal, local fruits. If you are able to come and support in the classroom on either Monday or Tuesday (even for an hour or two) we would welcome some extra pairs of hands. Please let me know if you are available and would like to come and join us.

Many thanks

Mrs Winter 

Hurricanes PE fun afternoon 

We had great fun exploring different activities, practicing skills and developing team work. 

Chocolate cakes in the name of Science! 

In science we have been learning about materials. Last week we began exploring how some materials can be changed, so this week we were thinking about reversible and irreversible changes. What better way than baking? 

We began by looking at and feeling chocolate, children described it as strong and hard. When heated in the microwave it changed to melted, liquid and runny. We then mixed it with crispies and put it in cake cases in the fridge, where it became solid and hard again, a reversible change.

Next we mixed sugar, butter, eggs, flour and cocoa to make a sponge batter mix, which was cooked in a pudding bowl in the microwave. We were not able to separate the ingredients after they were mixed and cooked, so this was an irreversible change. 

We then enjoyed eating our science! 

Reading books, folders and book bags: please read! 

Dear Parents 

We are in the process of making some changes to the way we teach phonics and reading. Recent government guidelines emphasise a phonetic route to learning to read, alongside teaching tricky words that cannot be decoded phonetically. They recommend that children read books that contain taught sounds and tricky words appropriate to their phonics phase. 

Children should be able to use their skills of segmenting and blending, alongside recognition of known tricky words, to decode words and read at least 95% of words in their books without overt support. In order to develop confidence and fluency books should be read two or three times. 

To bring us in line with recommendations we are restructuring and relabelling our reading books, so you will notice books being grouped by phase rather than the previous system of colour coding. This will be completed over the next few weeks. You may feel the books your child is bringing home may be a little 'easy' for them, but please remember reading is an important life skill and we wish to nurture a love of reading; reading a book should not be 'hard work' for your child.  I apologise that reading folders were not sent home on Friday, please be patient with us as we implement these changes, books will be sent home on Monday.

In addition we are planning to introduce 'book share' books to compliment reading books soon. Children will be encouraged to select books that may be beyond their reading ability yet but can be enjoyed with an adult. 

A note about reading bags. Each child will be provided with a plastic reading wallet/folder for their reading books and reading record. We have limited space with our cloakroom in the classroom and do not have storage for multiple bags alongside coats, each child has just one peg to hang their belongings on. With this in mind, please can children bring one bag (ideally a rucksack they can carry) that has capacity for all they need, including their plastic reading folder, snack, water bottle and lunch box if required, we do not have space for separate book bags. 

Finally, a couple of little reminders. Children’s snack should be fruit or vegetables only, unless they have specific dietary requirements. Please ensure ALL clothing and belongings are NAMED, including snack pots and water bottles, we already have a pile of unnamed jumpers and cardigans so if you feel you are missing any please ask. 

If you have any questions or require support please come and speak with me. I would also recommend Oxford Owls, an amazing website for advice, support and resources for reading and it is FREE! Please follow the link home.oxfordowl.co.uk/reading/reading-age-5-6-year-1/ for Year 1 and home.oxfordowl.co.uk/reading/reading-age-6-7-year-2/ for Year 2. Their e-library has an extensive range of books organised by phase, create a login (FREE) and have access to even more books. 

More Maths 

We have been using a range of practical resources to help us with our mathematics, including tens frames, bead lines, cubes and numicon. 

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