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Welcome to The Hurricane Class.

We are a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class with space for 20 Year 1 and 10 Year 2 children. Our teacher is Mrs. Winter with Mrs. Deegan supporting in the mornings and Mrs. Sutherland in the afternoons. 

Class events

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Signs of spring and a run with Benny!

The drizzle from this morning blew over for Hurricanes this afternoon so we could enjoy our walk with Benny whilst looking for signs of spring. We saw daffodils, blossom and birds nests in the trees as well as enjoying a good run across the muddy field with the dog. 

Many thanks to the three mums who joined us and to Kelsey for driving Ben over. He enjoyed his treats and his walk and is currently fast asleep at my feet in front of the fire (my dog, not my son!) 

Looking up close 

Hurricanes class have enjoyed their return to school with a couple of days of art. We have been looking at the work of Georgia O'Keeffe, who challenged people to look carefully and close up at nature. 

Children began by looking at spring flowers in the school grounds, using the iPads to zoom in and photograph.  They then sketched before painting their chosen flowers. We also explored mixing and blending colours when making poppies. 

We hope to be able to display our art work and creations in a whole school 'gallery' event to be confirmed later.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to say how impressed Mrs Deagan, Mrs Sutherland and I have been with how well the children have all coped with the return to school. They have settled back into the routines and are enjoying being back with friends. 

Returning to the classroom
 wb 08.03.21 

Whilst some children may be excited about returning to school, others may be feeling a little apprehensive.  At home our learning routines have been very different and many been lucky enough to have adults sit with them to support learning. Now we are returning to the classroom we need to reconnect with our friends and re-establish expectations. 

In the first few days Hurricanes will be working together on an art project which the whole school will be contributing to (I am sure Mrs Fairhurst will be providing further details in her weekly newsletters). This will allow children time to settle and talk about their experiences during lockdown. 

This will also give us time to collect in the children's books and prepare for next steps in learning. Therefore please ensure that, on Monday, children bring in the exercise books they have been working in, their Power Maths books, all reading books that were sent home, plus any other work they have completed such as history or computer projects they would like us to see. 

We will not be doing PE on our first day back so children need to come to school in their normal school uniform (not PE kit). 

Finally, to help with our art project, we require some cardboard egg boxes please, so if you are able to, please send any spare egg boxes you have in to school too. 

Once again, many, many thanks for all your continued support and all the amazing work you have done during lockdown. I am going to attach a quick check list to this post to help you on Monday morning!

Best wishes

Mrs Winter

Graduating from home school and a last few photos.

First of all I would like to say a huge thank you to all those of you at home who have supported the children's learning during this time of lockdown, not just the Mum's and Dad's, I know many grandparents and other relatives have been involved too. From working out the technology to keeping the children engaged and learning, we have got through this together. 

The Teams meetings have been invaluable in supporting the children through this, not only in terms of teaching content, but to keep everyone in contact, children have had an opportunity to see and chat with their friends, to know they are having similar experiences and not feel alone.  I hope it has helped keep motivation going when it can be low and we have provided not just academic but emotional support for each other. I know I have valued the supportive emails I have received from parents and I thank you all for this. 

So here are a few photos from our home learners this last week, you also have a couple of nature/ computing projects to enjoy. Many of you really immersed yourselves in your pirate adventures and either chose to dress up as well, act out your stories or make scenes using your toys. As always, it is not too late to send me any pictures you wish to share with your friends and I will add to this post. 

Our classroom doors open at 8.35 on Monday morning, I know some of you will be eagerly beating at the door (metaphorically) and others may be feeling a little apprehensive. Please be assured, we are going to have a nice, gentle return to the classroom and I have planned an art project for the first couple of days to allow children time to settle. 

I will be creating a separate post with a little information for Monday morning later, but for now, please enjoy your weekends and relax before we begin again...

Best wishes to you all

Mrs Winter  

We have graduated from home school!

This is how one family celebrated the end of lockdown!

There is no question in my mind that everybody involved in our school deserves a reward for getting through this period. The children have been remarkably engaged, hardworking and resilient. I know that this is to a large part thanks to the superhuman efforts from their parents, many of whom have had to juggle home-school with work, or several children, or other caring responsibilities. The staff (teachers, TAs and office staff) have had to learn a completely different way of working and have, through hard work, grit and a willingness to embrace new ideas, made me very proud.

Well done, Brize Norton. You have done it.

Anna Fairhurst

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