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Welcome to The Hurricanes Class.

We are a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class with space for 20 Year 1 and 10 Year 2 children. Our teacher is Mrs. Winter with Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Mulchay and Miss Kearvell supporting across the week. We aim to provide a supportive, nurturing environment where children can continue to progress on their learning journey and meet their potential. Children should feel secure to make mistakes as well as celebrate achievements.

We believe education to be a partnership between school and home, working together to meet the needs of every child. Communication is key to this partnership so please come and talk to us if you have any worries or concerns, or want to share your child's successes. If you wish to have a longer conversation, please make an appointment so we have time to listen. 

We look forward to supporting your children as they continue to develop and grow. 

Class events

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End of term art days

We love our art days! These are a fantastic opportunity for children to immerse themselves in a project. Following our visit to Warwick Castle we started our art days with a visit to the church to look at the stained glass windows before designing and planning our own, based on our recent learning experiences. 

Children made their own templates, which they then transferred onto black paper. Scissor skills were needed to cut out the shapes before sandwiching selected colours between the layers to create the final pieces. Our completed windows looked stunning and we hope you are enjoying displaying them at home. 

Huge thanks to Mrs Ball, Alice's Dad and Finn's Mum for coming in to help. We are always grateful for the support parents provide in these projects and would not be able to complete much of what we do without your help.  

A quick plea for help

We have our art topic days on Tuesday and Wednesday, if any parents (aunts, uncles or grandparents) are available to join us on WEDNESDAY MORNING to support our making I would be very grateful. Please come and speak with me if you might be able to help. 

Many thanks in advance

Mrs Winter 

Warwick Castle

What an amazing day out we had on Friday! We braved the steep, spiral staircases, narrow walkways and high castle walls to climb to the tallest tower to look out for invaders like knights of old. 

We saw the most spectacular birds of prey show whilst we ate our lunch outside in some welcome spring sunshine. Our workshop explored the workings of castle life long ago to discover how people lived in medieval times. 

I would like to thank Mrs Cuthbertson for organising our trip, also to Mrs Mulcahy, Mrs Weeks, Mrs Smith and Mrs Whittington for joining us and making the day possible. Finally, a huge thank you to the children for their excellent behaviour and engagement in such a superb experience. We would definitely recommend the castle as a family day out. 

Exciting inspiration for writing

Today Hurricane Class received an exciting letter from none other than King Arthur himself, inviting us to apply to join him as knights at the Round Table in Camelot! We have planned our applications and tomorrow will be writing persuasive letters to put ourselves forward to be knights. We are hoping we might catch a glimpse of The King himself when we visit Warwick Castle on Friday.  

Hurricanes Spellings wb 28.03.22

Apologies for the late posting, please see attached documents for our spelling patterns to practice this week. 

Thank you 

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