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Welcome to The Hurricanes Class.

We are a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class with space for 20 Year 1 and 10 Year 2 children. Our teacher is Mrs. Winter with Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Mulchay and Miss Kearvell supporting across the week. We aim to provide a supportive, nurturing environment where children can continue to progress on their learning journey and meet their potential. Children should feel secure to make mistakes as well as celebrate achievements.

We believe education to be a partnership between school and home, working together to meet the needs of every child. Communication is key to this partnership so please come and talk to us if you have any worries or concerns, or want to share your child's successes. If you wish to have a longer conversation, please make an appointment so we have time to listen. 

We look forward to supporting your children as they continue to develop and grow. 

Class events

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Our Commonwealth Sports Day

Wow - what a fantastic afternoon we had; from the opening Year 6 baton relay (where they arrived at the track for their last sports day to the crowd applauding them) to our aerobic warm up with Miss ‘Motivator’ Reynolds, cycle races, weightlifting and rugby (to name a few).

It was so amazing to see the children come together to take part and cheer each other on.  The Year 6’s were fantastic, helping to guide the younger children and set up the fun races.  The teamwork and sportsmanship was brilliant.

It was a VERY closely fought afternoon with many personal wins - but only one House got to lift the cup; congratulations Dragons!!

Our amazing trip!

The year 2 and 3 children went to Bird land and had a fantastic time!

Windy Weather

With the warm windy weather, the children loved the idea of creating bamboo kite wands, which they then used to play a game where they took on characters called ‘God of Love’ and ‘God of Nature’!

We upcycled some tin cans to make wind ornaments which looked and sounded fab, hanging in the trees.

We talked about life cycles and some of the children went off hunting for minibeasts - and then created mini habitats for them.

One of the children found a large piece of stone with some fossils in it!  A great find - and it related to their class topic!


Butterfly Education and Awareness Day (BEAD) was on 4th June, so this week we have focussed on the theme of butterflies - with some bamboo bubble blowers thrown in for good measure!

We talked about types of butterflies that we have seen around this year - from the Holly Blue to the Orange Tip - and the children had a hunt that they could go on.  They were very keen to make butterfly feeders which can be soaked in ‘nectar’ (2tsps of sugar mixed with 1/4 cup of water) and hung in gardens for the butterflies.  Nature pictures, mud paint butterflies (with talk of symmetry!) and decorations were also popular.

Snack this week was crumpets and strawberry jam for the Buccaneers, and rhubarb crumble and nettle cordial for Hurricanes…the nettle cordial had mixed reviews; some loved it - but some did not!!

Year 1 Phonics Screening Homework

Dear Hurricane parents, 

The children will be completing the phonics screening check the first week back after half term so I have set up the last 2 QR codes for the practise flashcards for you to look at over half term. Thank you for all your support this term in preparing the children for this. They have been working extremely hard in school and we are very proud of them. 

The phonics screening check is an assessment of the children's ability to blend sounds which is why they have to read the 'alien' words. It is really important the children are familiar with these, especially the stronger readers as they like to change them into real words! 

If you have any questions please do feel free to come and see me.

Mrs Johnson 

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