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Welcome to The Hurricane Class!

We have had a great start to 2020, the children have settled well into the new class routine with Mrs Conner now on maternity leave. Mrs Hunter teaches all day on a Monday and Tuesday afternoons with myself teaching the rest of the week. We have a wonderful team working in the class each morning, Mrs Sutherland (Monday’s and Tuesdays), Mrs Mulcahy (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) and Mrs Webb who is with us every morning.

The Buccaneer Year 1 children stay with us for Phonics, English and Maths each morning and for PE, Music, RE, PSHE and Computing in the afternoons. They join the Buccaneer class on Wednesday and Friday afternoons for Science and History.

If you have any questions or concerns please do come and see me, if I’m not available please contact the school office to arrange a time. Thank you for your support so far whilst both classes have been adjusting to the change. 

Mrs Johnson  

Class events

Fri 20 Mar

Parents' and carers' assembly

Fri 27 Mar

Y1/2 sharing assembly and parent workshop

Tue 31 Mar

Easter service in church

Wed 1 Apr

Art/ DT Day

Thu 2 Apr

Art/ DT Day

Thu 2 Apr

Parent celebration assembly

Fri 3 Apr

Easter Egg Raffle

Fri 3 Apr

School ends 1.15

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A jumping start to the day!

In the Hurricanes class this week we have been trying out a new start to the day. Before we get started with our learning we wake ourselves up with a ‘jiggle and a jive’. The children have really enjoyed it and the mornings have got off to a really good start so far, with the children alert and ready to learn.

Budding artists!

The children had a fabulous time learning about Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gough during our art days. They learned about the different painting techniques and created their own versions of Monet’s garden and Van Gough’s sunflowers. 


In line with our space topic, the Buccaneers and Hurricanes enjoyed a trip out onto the field to watch a rocket soar into the air via a chemical reaction. Unfortunately after a few attempts the chemical reaction wasn't quite strong enough to propell the rocket into the air but there was a lot of fizzing and bubbling!

Luckily, a spare child-propelled rocket had been brought along and the children each had a go stomping on the end of a tube which sent the rocket flying from the air pressure created. 

The children were very inventive thinking of how to send the rocket as high as possible, some jumped with one foot, some tried two and others took run-ups!

Having fun with shapes

This week we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes in maths. We had great fun with the Polydron, using it to construct 3D shapes, whilst at the same time, thinking about how many faces they had and what 2D shapes were needed to make them. The children had a great time and they enjoyed the challenge, some of them making quite complicated shapes!

Creating Creatures

In Science we have learning about animals, what makes them different, how we classify them and why they have certain features. I gave the children the task of creating a new animal, they had to think about where it lived, what it ate, what features it had and why. The children had a wonderful time and we had some amazing names, from ‘Poisonous Tooth Spider’ to ‘The Jingly Jangly’.

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