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Welcome to The Hurricane Class.

We are a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class with space for 20 Year 1 and 10 Year 2 children. Our teacher is Mrs. Winter with Mrs. Deegan supporting in the mornings and Mrs. Sutherland in the afternoons. 

Class events

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Hurricanes Maths homework wb 30.11.20

Both Year 1 and 2 have been working on using part-whole models and bar models (Y2) to find the total (by adding) and find the missing part (by taking away). 

Please share this video with them at home to revise using the part-whole model: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z6yh2v4 

(you will need to copy and paste in to your search engine) 

Children have practise sheets in their homework books to complete. 

If you would like further practise you could try the attached worksheets. 

If you do not have access to a printer this could be discussed with your child whilst viewing on screen. 


We shared an information power point about Remembrance  in our classroom this morning before observing the two minutes silence. After lunch we walked to the memorial to plant our crosses. 

Horrible History!

Dear Parents

Our history topic this term is Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. Children have been particularly interested in how people were executed and what happened to their heads once they had been chopped off (they were put on spikes and displayed as a warning to other would be traitors!). Whilst I have tried not to dwell on the more gory aspects of this, I just wanted to let you know we have been talking about this in class in case your child makes any unexpected comments or has any unusual questions.

I have assured the children these events happened over 400 years ago and these things do not happen in our country today. 

Many thanks 

Mrs W. 

At the weekend...

On Mondays our morning task is to write weekend diaries, children usually write about what they have done at the weekend. This is a task accessible to all and settles the children in to the start of the school week whilst enabling them to share what they have been doing at home or with family. 

I realise, however, that there will be little in the way of exciting activities happening in the next few weeks. It would be really helpful therefore if you could have a conversation with children before they arrive at school, maybe over breakfast, about what they have actually done over the weekend. This may be playing games at home with family, making cakes, watching a film together or going for a walk for example. 

I think if children were reminded of these 'smaller' activities before they come in to school it would help them to generate their writing, rather than just saying 'we stayed at home' or 'I did nothing' (though that may be how we are feeling). 

Thank you again

Mrs W.

Phonics Revision

Over the next few weeks we will be assessing children's progression in phonics. Your child has brought home either a Set 2 or a Set 3 sounds and green words booklet. They will have had these previously but I am sending home again so you have the opportunity to read through and revise the sounds that your child has been practising. 

Please contact me if you have any questions or require any support. I know it can be difficult to talk at the start or end of the day at this time, but if you wish to email via the office I will respond as quickly as possible. 

Many thanks for your continued support. 

Mrs Winter 

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