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Welcome to Buccaneers!

In our class we have 20 children in Foundation Stage. Our teacher is Mrs Johnson; our teaching assistants are Miss Hill in the mornings and Mrs Mulcahy in the afternoons. On Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae.

In the Buccaneers we love to learn! We have created a a learning environment that encourages the children to practice new skills, play with friends, explore and develop ideas and most importantly have fun. We have a fabulous garden which we use as much as we can. The children have a mud kitchen which they use to make wonderful creations, leaf soup, mud chilli and my favourite hot chocolate! We also have a great tyre sand pit, water area, bikes and gardening area which the children enjoy planting seeds, bulbs and watching their plants grow.

Children's social, emotional, physical and communication skills are are supported in conjunction with the teaching of  reading, writing and maths. Our curriculum ensures that children's individual needs are met and they are given the best opportunity to develop and grow in a safe and inspiring environment. We support the children in developing the skills they need to build firm foundations that will help them as they progress on their learning journey.

Class events

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He's got terrible tusks  and terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws...

The children had lots of fun searching for the Gruffalo characters at Forest School last week.  Once they'd found them all, they used the masks in their own play and were inspired to make mice, snakes and Gruffalo's out of clay and natural materials.  They explored with the bug kits and some visited the frogs in the pond.

At snack time, we made batter and cooked pancakes over the fire.  Then, the children decorated them to look like the Gruffalo!

Family trees and baby photos

The children will be sharing their family trees and baby photos this week, if you have not completed this activity with your child yet or sent in a baby photo please do so at the start of the week so all children can join in the activity, thank you.

Reading with your child

Dear Parents

We are holding our reading workshop in the hall this Thursday at 9 o'clock, this usually last about half an hour.  I would urge you to please come along, especially if you are a new parent to our school, as I will be explaining how we teach reading at Brize Norton Primary School and setting out the expectations for the year.  This will also be an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.  

All children have been given a 'green word' book to help them practice taught sounds and begin blending words.  They should be practicing these at home with an adult every day for about 10 minutes. We ask that you then write how your child is doing in their yellow reading record book daily so we know how your child is responding at home.

And now my tummy is starting to rumble...Class 1's favourite food is Grufflo crumble!

Class 1 enjoyed their Grufflo crumble served with the three flavours of ice-cream we made last week.  As well as making delicious desserts we have been busy exploring the story of The Grufflo and The Gruffalo's Child.  Children have been using story props to act out and retell the story and today have begun creating their own cave drawings in our Grufflo cave, inspired by the tales.  We have also been sharing other books by Julia Donaldson, clearly a favourite at home with many of the children who are familiar with lots of the books and have been joining in with refrains and spotting the rhymes.

Class 1 Update, week 5

This week we have begun our phonics sessions and children have responded well to learning initial sounds, with some choosing to practice their letter formation independently.  You can help at home by sharing the sounds taught to date (in green word books), recognising letters in the environment and supporting children to practice writing their name using the correct letter formation (please ask if you need more name tracing sheets).

Earlier on in the week we visited St Britius church in preparation for the harvest festival on Thursday.  Children enjoyed exploring the church.  Tilly told us all about Nancy's christening and we found Jonty's name on the baptism list.

We have begun recognising and ordering numbers.  Children have been fishing for numbers in the water tray and trying to catch corresponding numbers of fish.  Some children have been counting to 10, some to 20 and some beyond!

On Friday we made ice-cream.  Everyone had a turn using the electric hand whisk.  We are looking forward to tasting our ice-cream with our Grufflo crumble next week!

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