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Welcome to Buccaneers!

In our class we have 20 children in Foundation Stage. Our teacher is Mrs Johnson; Miss Hill is our teaching assistant everyday with Mrs Mulcahy joining us on a Wednesday afternoon. On Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae.

In the Buccaneers we love to learn! We have created a a learning environment that encourages the children to practice new skills, play with friends, explore and develop ideas and most importantly have fun. We have a fabulous garden which we use as much as we can. The children have a mud kitchen which they use to make wonderful creations, leaf soup, mud chilli and my favourite hot chocolate! We also have a great tyre sand pit, water area, bikes and gardening area which the children enjoy planting seeds, bulbs and watching their plants grow.

Children's social, emotional, physical and communication skills are are supported in conjunction with the teaching of  reading, writing and maths. Our curriculum ensures that children's individual needs are met and they are given the best opportunity to develop and grow in a safe and inspiring environment. We support the children in developing the skills they need to build firm foundations that will help them as they progress on their learning journey.

Class events

Fri 24 Sep

Harvest Festival in church

Tue 9 Nov

Flu immunisation

Thu 11 Nov

Remembrance ceremony

Fri 10 Dec

Buccaneers Nativity

Tue 14 Dec

Christmas dinner

Tue 14 Dec

Carol service in church

Fri 17 Dec

Final assembly with parent celebration assembly

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Growth art project

In case you were unable to look at the art display this afternoon here are some pictures of it and how it was made.

Our brief was ‘growth’, as we have started to look at Spring and new life we decided to bring some new life back in to an old branch we found in the garden. We used egg cartons and painted them to look like blossom and pine cones dipped in green paint to look like new buds we ave started to see on the trees. 

Easter egg hunt

The children were all very excited this morning because we had a very special visitor, the Easter Bunny! The children all had an egg to find, each with a maths clue to solve first. In exchange for their egg they received a very yummy chocolate bunny treat. 

Easter baking 

We had lots of fun making Easter chocolate nest cakes this morning. We even managed not to eat the mini eggs whilst we were making them!

Animal fun

Mrs Winter’s class had their pet day today and we were very lucky because some of the animals came to visit us in our class as well. It was a lovely end to our animal topic. We had some guinea pigs in class and lambs in our garden! The children really enjoyed seeing them and were very gentle with them. They were even able to feed the guinea pigs some yummy watermelon. 

Windy weather

We made the most of the dry, windy weather this week by making wind spirals - simple, effective and using lots of fine motor skills to make!  Some of the children chose to go on a ‘signs of Spring’ hunt around the site - finding the pictures and real life signs such as nests, daffodils and a lonely crocus!  We also talked about how hedgehogs are coming out of hibernation, and some children made a ‘racing hedgehog’ using a potato, sticks and string; they had fun racing them across the pallets!

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