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Welcome to Buccaneers!

In our class we have 20 children in Foundation Stage. Our teacher is Mrs Winter; our teaching assistants are Mrs Hoskin and Mrs Mulcahy. On Monday mornings Mrs Fairhurst teaches us and on Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae. Please look about on this page to see what we have been doing!

Class events

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This week Class 1 have been enjoying finding out about Chinese New Year. We have been counting to 10 in Mandarin, making Chinese dragon puppets and writing our names in Chinese. Children all enjoyed chopping vegetables to make our Chinese stir fry and loved eating them with noodles at snack time. 

Amazing Inventors

This term Class 1 have chosen to learn about inventors. We are linking this to learning about famous inventors in history, including Leonardo Da Vinci and the Wright brothers. We have been exploring materials and children have experimented with different materials to make parachutes, which we have really enjoyed testing and can be seen displayed in the classroom.  

Welcome back to Forest School!

We had a lovely week back with Class 1.  We went around the site together to see what changes had occurred since last year.  We found and identified two different fungi - which included 'jelly ear' (or 'dead man's ear'!).

There was plenty of fun, team work and perseverance - with some children enjoying the rope swing and others being keen to start a fire with a flint and steel!

Cutting, sawing, whittling and creating

The children have really settled in to Forest School now.  Once we arrive, we sit around the fire and they remind each other about how we can keep ourselves and each other safe.  Then, they're off!  Some go to the pond to search for our resident frogs whilst others go to make dinner in the mud kitchen.  Climbing trees and taking it in turns on the rope swing are also popular.  However, over the last few weeks, the children have been enjoying learning to use some of the tools safely.  They have used loppers to cut thinner branches, a bow saw to cut a 'tree cookie', palm drills and rotary drills to make holes and knives to whittle sticks.  We have seen the children work together, help each other and persevere when a task becomes difficult. They have made some fantastic creations - from halloween tree cookie faces to Stick Man!

Embracing Autumn

The children are becoming much braver and exploratory at Forest School; from climbing trees to playing in the mud.  We have talked about the seasons and the leaves changing colour, and some of the children have made leaf-print flags.  We learned that sometimes we could make symmetrical patterns - and that when the wind blew the flags, we could work out which way the wind was blowing!

Some of the children have shown great teamwork and patience as they found bits of wood and rope, worked together to tie them up and make a spaceship!  The imaginative play was fantastic and as they landed on the moon we heard, 'Righto lads, we're here!'

Some of the children learned to make mud by pouring water out and mixing it up with the soil; from this, they could make pies and cakes...or with more water, they had a puddle that they could jump in!

We used palm drills to make holes in conkers and threaded them on to string.  Some of the children then started to try and play the game of conkers.

It's no wonder that they are all hungry at snack time!  One week we made pesto pasta which was chosen by one of the year 1's, and another week we did hot dogs.  The fire is always lit and some times the children just like to sit and watch the flames or the food cook, and make observations about what is happening.   

I wonder what the children will get up to next week...

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