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Welcome to Buccaneers!

In our class we have 20 children in Foundation Stage. Our teacher is Mrs Johnson; our teaching assistants are Miss Hill in the mornings and Mrs Mulcahy in the afternoons. On Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae.

In the Buccaneers we love to learn! We have created a a learning environment that encourages the children to practice new skills, play with friends, explore and develop ideas and most importantly have fun. We have a fabulous garden which we use as much as we can. The children have a mud kitchen which they use to make wonderful creations, leaf soup, mud chilli and my favourite hot chocolate! We also have a great tyre sand pit, water area, bikes and gardening area which the children enjoy planting seeds, bulbs and watching their plants grow.

Children's social, emotional, physical and communication skills are are supported in conjunction with the teaching of  reading, writing and maths. Our curriculum ensures that children's individual needs are met and they are given the best opportunity to develop and grow in a safe and inspiring environment. We support the children in developing the skills they need to build firm foundations that will help them as they progress on their learning journey.

Class events

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Halloween Fun

With the children enjoying making potions in class and Halloween approaching, we took the opportunity to whittle wands and hammer tin can lanterns - as well as making some fat balls for the birds in the garden!  The children were really focused and did really well so it was perfect to end to our last session with the long awaited s’more!!

Fine motor skills

The children have enjoyed various threading activities over the last few weeks which is great for practising their fine motor skills.  This week, they all loved threading colourful beads onto wire to make wind spirals for their gardens; it required a lot of patience - which they had boundless amounts of!

Some children made Autumn leaf masks - not easy in the rain!!  Whilst others did some sawing, lit fires for the first time or took the opportunity to hang out in the hammocks whilst it was quiet!

How does your garden grow?

Today the children worked really hard making our gardening area look pretty. We planted some pansies in our pots and planters and some children also planted some bulbs ready for Spring. We have been learning all about Autumn and the changing seasons so it was lovely to hear the children talking about plants and how to look after them to make sure they grow. 

PE fun

In our last PE lesson we were very lucky and managed to get out in the sunshine. We have been learning to move our body in different ways and last week the children had lots of fun singing songs and playing ring games. The children had lots of fun singing ‘In and out the dusty bluebells’ and chasing their friends in ‘duck duck goose’.

Phonics and reading

I just wanted to thank you all for your support so far with the children's phonics and reading at home. The children are doing really well and we are very proud of their progress and enthusiasm to learn.

I just wanted to update you on how we are listening to your children read each week. I did originally say that reading records would be checked on Friday in line with the rest of the school but as we have settled into a routine we are finding that it is much easier for us to check reading records as we listen to them read. Please can you send your child in everyday with their reading record, sound bookmarks and phonics reader. We can then work through the children throughout the week making sure that everyone is listened to at least once a week. We also use this time to change your child's phonics reader and sound bookmarks. Please do use the reading records to comment on how your child is doing with their sounds and phonics readers, this is very useful to us when assessing how they are doing.

I am also aware that for some of you phonics is very new and I want to be able to support parents as well as the children. Your work at home with the children, practicing sounds with them and listening to them read is very much appreciated. 

I have found the following website which is great if you want to some help on how sounds are pronounced and how words are segmented and blended.


There is also a great website I use at in the classroom, it includes a game which is a fun way for the children to practice their sounds. There is an app but there is a charge for this whereas access to the game is free from the website.


I hope you find this links useful and please do see me if you have any questions about reading and phonics.

Happy reading!

Mrs Johnson 

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