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Welcome to Buccaneers!

In our class we have 20 children in Foundation Stage. Our teacher is Mrs Johnson; Miss Hill is our teaching assistant everyday. On Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae.

In the Buccaneers we love to learn! We have created a a learning environment that encourages the children to practise new skills, play with friends, explore and develop ideas and most importantly have fun. We have a fabulous garden which we use as much as we can. The children have a mud kitchen which they use to make wonderful creations, leaf soup, mud chilli and my favourite hot chocolate! We also have a great tyre sand pit, water area, bikes and gardening area which the children enjoy planting seeds, bulbs and watching their plants grow.

Children's social, emotional, physical and communication skills are are supported in conjunction with the teaching of  reading, writing and maths. Our curriculum ensures that children's individual needs are met and they are given the best opportunity to develop and grow in a safe and inspiring environment. We support the children in developing the skills they need to build firm foundations that will help them as they progress on their learning journey.

Class events

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Minibeasts, pondlife and popcorn!

One of the children loves spiders and told us all that another word for spiders is ‘arachnids’…so this week, we had a go using an electric drill to make holes for our woven spider creation.  We had the clay out to make mini beast fossils - and got creative with the Hapazome, creating fun critter pictures!

In the pond, one of our Voyagers was teaching the children facts about frogs - they can live 10-12 years!

Meanwhile, some children had a go with the flint and steel and lit their first ever fire!!

Finally, campfire popcorn proved a hit!!

And we have take off!

We had so much fun this morning! The children loved getting on the 'plane' and preparing for take off. We even had time for a quick maths session on doubles during our flight. Before we knew it it was time to land and disembark the plane ready for our adventure this week in Africa. 

The children are looking forward to sharing all of their work and pictures with when we fly back on Friday! 

Word of the Week

Thank you for your contributions each week, we have such great discussions about the words each week and the children love to share!

This week as you know we are in Africa discovering which animals live there and what they are like. So what does discover mean to you and what things have you discovered recently?

Scrumptious bread!

The children had lots of fun learning how to make bread and getting a bit messy with the flour! I hope they all enjoyed eating it as much as they enjoyed making it.

Word of the Week

This week we are looking at farms, the animals that live on farms and what is grown on farms. We are using the story of Little Red Hen as our main focus this week and how she asked for help growing her wheat. The story ends with Little Red Hen baking her own loaf of bread and on Friday we are going to baking our own bread too. I thought the word scrumptious is a great word to describe bread, especially the smell of baking bread! 

Your challenge this week is to think of things you find scrumptious and can you think of any other words that you could use to describe them?

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your pics.

Ps - Don't worry if you send pictures in 'late'. There is no deadline, always love sharing whatever is sent in whenever it is. 

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