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Welcome to Buccaneers!

In our class we have 20 children in Foundation Stage. Our teacher is Mrs Winter; our teaching assistants are Miss Hill in the mornings with Mrs Mulcahy and Mrs Sutherland in the afternoons. On Monday mornings Mrs Fairhurst teaches us and on Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae. Please look about on this page to see what we have been doing!

Class events

Fri 25 Sep, 09:00-10:00

Foundation Stage parent meeting: Reading and Phonics

Tue 15 Dec

(provisional) FS/ KS1 production

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Thank you

Thank you for all our lovely gifts. 

We hope you all have a lovely summer break and stay safe.

Best wishes from 

Mrs Winter, Miss Hill and Mrs Deegan. 

Last day of Foundation Stage!

With the strange year we have had and none of the normal end of term events we decided to have a little end of year celebration within our bubble for the children. 

Everyone made their own pizzas. Miss Hill led the dancing with the cha cha slide! Robert shared out his ‘farewell' cakes at snack time, giving us more energy for musical statues and musical bumps. Children had fun with balloons before eating their pizzas for lunch.  

In the afternoon some chose to relax and watch a film whilst others played out in the sunshine. Let’s hope we are able to get out and enjoy some good weather over the holiday! 

It's the end of the year!!!

Dear Parents

As we are now in the final few days of term I will not be setting any learning guidance for this week. In class we will continue daily phonics sessions and ensure any outstanding work has been completed. Home Learners may choose to select another story from our Traditional Tales (previously posted) or may also choose to finish off any uncompleted work before the summer break. 

I am not setting any maths for this week. Many children still have assignments set on Maths Seeds and My Maths so please take the opportunity to support them in finishing these (I have extended deadlines to the end of this week). 

I will be posting some maths work that you may choose to do with your child over the summer. This will involve learning to count in steps of 2, 10 and 5, the beginnings of multiplication and learning times tables. If you are able to work on these it will give your child a huge boost in readiness for Year 1. Please do work on 2's and 10's first and only progress to 5's if your child is really confident with the 2's and 10's. We have begun to work on these a little in class so some children may already be familiar. 

I would like to take this opportunity to say how well the children have coped with the changes that have had to be put in place in the class and to thank all parents for your support and understanding at this difficult time. I am very much looking forward to moving in to Year 1 and 2 with them and continuing to see them develop and grow on their learning journey. 

Investigating materials to build the Three Little Pigs houses. 

Today in science we were thinking about which material was best for the Little Pigs to build their houses. 

We made bundles of straw and sticks which we then bent and twisted to find out how the materials felt. Children then enjoyed huffing and puffing to see if they could blow their bundles off their tables. They decided the straw was easiest to blow and bend so was weak. The stick bundles were stronger and harder to blow, but if we huffed and puffed hard enough it was possible to move them.  

Finally we made towers using bricks, the children decided these were definitely strongest but some towers were wobbly and could still be blown down. Children were then challenged to make their towers even stronger and learned how to overlap and interlink their bricks.

(All bricks used were soaked in Milton and thoroughly sterilised after this activity, no Little Pigs were put at risk of harm or homelessness)  

Buccaneers Learning Guidance wb: 06.07.20

Dear Buccaneers

Who would have thought back in March when the class closed we would still be in this situation at the end of the academic year? Well done to all for coming this far on the Home/School Learning journey and supporting your children in their learning throughout. 

Please find attached Learning Guidance and resources for the coming week, as last week it is pretty much the same apart from the maths, this week our focus is subtraction. 

In literacy we are continuing with the Traditional Tales (all resources previously posted, please scroll back through pages to find the one you would like to do this week). Children in school have selected the Three Little Pigs as their focus story this week.  We will be:

• Sequencing the story  

• Completing character thought bubbles

• Making a Wanted Wolf poster

• Writing a sorry letter from the Wolf to the Three Little Pigs

In science please select the resources to match your chosen story; in class we will be exploring materials to build houses, linked to the Three Little Pigs.

In phonics some children are continuing to revise and consolidate their knowledge of the Set 2 Read Write Inc sounds whilst others continue to practise and apply their reading and writing in Phase 4 of Letters and Sounds. Parents have been informed which sounds your child is working on.

Please contact me via email if you have any questions or require further support. If you can not find the resources you require let me know and I will send to you directly as there is now so much on our class webpage.

Best wishes

Mrs Winter

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