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Welcome to Buccaneers!

In our class we have 20 children in Foundation Stage. Our teacher is Mrs Winter; our teaching assistants are Mrs Hoskin and Mrs Mulcahy. On Monday mornings Mrs Fairhurst teaches us and on Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae. Please look about on this page to see what we have been doing!

Class events

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Autumn leaves

On Tuesday we went outside in the autumn wind and sunshine to see the changes occurring in our environment. We looked at the changing colours and collected leaves that had fallen from the trees. 

Back in the classroom, in maths, we used our leaves to sequence according to height. We will be measuring them with cubes to make comparisons and practice counting and writing numbers. 


The children really enjoyed their messy art project - creating their own fireworks!

Firework fun

This week our theme in class has been Bonfire Night and fireworks. We have learned about why we celebrate Bonfire Night, how Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament but King James was saved. In literacy we have listened to a Bonfire Night story and written about what we can see on Bonfire Night. In maths we have taken part in rocket and fireworks themed counting activities. In PE we explored moving like different fireworks to music and in art we have made fireworks pictures and fantastic fireworks. 

On Friday everyone enjoyed making chocolate coated apples with sparkly sprinkles. We talked about how the chocolate changed as it was heated and cooled again. 

More Diwali fun 

A big thank you to Miraya's parent's who came in to join our Diwali celebrations today. They talked to us about how they celebrate Diwali, the different foods they prepare and how they decorate their home. They also brought in cakes to share and made everyone a lantern to take home. So lovely to welcome them as visitors to our class and help bring our learning to life. The children were so engaged and interested, especially about the different gods. 

Diwali sweets 

As part of our Diwali celebrations today we made Indian sweets, cornflour halwa, coconut burfi and dried fruit ladoos. Children enjoyed mixing different ingredients and seeing how they changed when mixed. This afternoon we followed the line of lights before sharing our sweets at snack time, trying different foods and flavours. 

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