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Throughout the year we have a range of events which involve all our children. School plays, book events, sports days, art events... look here to see what we have been up to.

PE WOW Day 2018

Well, another year, another beautiful day of sunshine and another PE WOW Day. We listened to your children and the sports that they wanted to try with the result being, Kuk Sool Won, road/ice hockey, archery, scooter/skateboarding, tri golf and gymnastics.  

It was so lovely to hear the children talking with such enthusiasm about the activities that they had taken part in and to hear the comments of our local community.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the children and staff; they got stuck in, challenged themselves and were fab!  I would also like to thank Steve and his team from our local Kuk Sool Won dojo, our very own resident Gymnastic expert, Mrs Edmunds, Team Rubicon and returning pupil (and ice hockey player) Finlay Rae.

Here are some photos from a few of the activities today - but, no doubt, there will be more posted soon of other sports.

Our new playground!

Our new playground was opened on 8th June by Mrs Mowbray (Chair of Governors), Mrs Rushton (retiring Chair of School Association) and the School Council, who planned it. We are all enjoying it very much!

In the top 1% of schools for Maths!

We have had a letter from Nick Gibb, Schools Minister, congratulating us on our Maths success in 2016 and saying we are in the top 1% of schools for attainment in Mathematics. Well done everyone!

School closed Monday 5th March

We have a burst water pipe in the hall. To make the school safe, we have had to turn off all our water and electricity, so we have no option but to close the school for Monday 5th March. I am very sorry for the inconvenience and will let families know as soon I know more. 

Neighbourhood Plan Project

We have completed our whole-school project on Brize Norton village, which feeds into the community Neighbourhood Plan. It was lovely to welcome Les Goble and Wendy Way back into school to share our ideas. Les and Wendy were full of praise for the children's thoughtfulness, careful thinking, good ideas and presentation skills. Some of our work will be on display at the parish council AGM and it will definitely be taken account of when the final plan is drawn up. 

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