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Throughout the year we have a range of events which involve all our children. School plays, book events, sports days, art events... look here to see what we have been up to.

Sew Local Club

Our children are loving using their sewing machines to make real things to take home. 

The Punctuation Show

Last Thursday, we were lucky enough to welcome Barrie McDermid and his punctuation show. Barrie involved the whole school in quizzes and songs, and the children were enthusiastic, engaged and excited throughout the show. They loved singing along and joining in with actions. 
Thank you Barrie for coming to see us and showing us how exciting punctuation can be! Our whole perspective on it has changed!!

Knights of Sol begins

We had our very first meeting of the Brize Norton Chapter of the Knights of Sol on 12th September. The children will be learning Medieval Martial Arts as well as other knightly skills such as honour, courage and perseverance. More places are available!

Sports Day

We had a Sports Day with a difference this year. In keeping with our summer fete theme it was Sports Day in Space: we had alien bean bag races (with silly masks), NASA-themed sack races, the egg-and-planet race and, of course, space hoppers. All this was together with our usual running and relay races (including huge numbers of brave Mums, Dads and toddlers) and the traditional if messy egg-throwing between Year 6s and their parents. Marvellous. Well done to the Sprites for their second victory in a row!

Burford Training Orchestra visit

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