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Mrs Anna Fairhurst
Mrs Bridget Winter
FS/Y1 (Buccaneers) teacher and SENCO
Mrs Michele Conner
Year 1/2 (Hurricanes Class) teacher
Mrs Kerry Mills
Y3/4 (Hercules Class) teacher
Miss Sophie Kerr
Year 4/5/6 (Voyager Class) teacher
Mrs Alex Rae
Forest School teacher
Miss Julia Burn
Year 6 (Falcons Class) teacher
Miss Karen Hill
Teaching Assistant and Higher Level TA
Mrs Sarah Edmunds 
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jo Webb
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lyn Godfrey
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lucy Johnson
Teaching Assistant, Higher Level TA and teacher trainee
Miss Jane Keavell
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Rachael Williams
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lyn Bostock
Teaching Assistant and Higher Level TA
Mrs Rachel Deegan
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lee-Ann Keeble
Office Manager
Mrs Lisa Poyser
Office Assistant
Mrs Sue Bailes
Finance Officer
Mr Steve Lowe
Site Manager
Mrs Annie Ball
Mrs Sandra Harris

Enquiries from members of the public are usually dealt with by Lee-Ann Keeble.