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What is the Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is funding we receive from the Government on an annual basis. It is additional to our main school funding and is used to address the underlying inequalities between children who are deemed to be at a disadvantage educationally compared to their more affluent peers.

In our school, we have noticed that children eligible for the Pupil Premium face certain barriers:

- less breadth of life experience can lead to difficulties, for example in understanding what they have read

- Oral language skills in Reception are lower for pupils eligible for PP than for other pupils. This slows reading progress in subsequent years.

- fewer resources in the home and lack of parental skill and knowledge in how to support their children (for some children)

- difficulties in making progress in their English and Mathematics at the same speed as their peers

- difficulty in accessing the broader curriculum (e.g. in paying for trips and swimming lessons)

- some children have attention difficulties or lack social skills, which impede their learning and social interactions in school

The school receives Pupil Premium for the following children:

· Children who are eligible for free school meals

· Children who are in the looked after care system or who have been adopted from care

- Children from Forces families (lower level)

Schools have the freedom to spend the Premium in a way that they think will best support the raising of achievement for their children. The impact of the school's decisions is closely monitored by the governing body in relation to the progress the identified children make throughout the school year and year on year. In addition, Ofsted hold the school to account for the progress that Pupil Premium children make.

We review our strategy for spending of the Pupil Premium each year in the Spring, prior to setting the school's budget and allocating staff for the following September. 

How much has the school received in Pupil Premium?

2022 - 23: £40,895

2021 - 22: £28,920

2020 - 21: £14,220

2019 - 20: £12,300