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Parent Survey Results, Spring 2018

Here are the percentages of those who responded to a statement by saying that they “agree” or “strongly agree” with it.

1 My child is happy at school: 96%

2 My child feels safe at school: 92%

3 My child makes good progress at school: 96%

4 My child is well looked-after at school: 96%

5 My child is taught well at school: 96%

6 The school makes sure its pupils are well-behaved: 88%

7 The school responds well to any concerns I raise 96%

8 Would you recommend this school to another parent? Yes 96%

Pupil Survey Results, Spring 2018

At the same time, we asked our children what they thought, with the older children helping the younger ones. Here are the results:

1 I enjoy school: 92%

2 I feel safe at school: 96%

3 I have friends at school: 98%

4 The adults at school care about me: 97%

5 If I have a problem, I know who to ask: 96%

6 The adults at school listen to me: 97%

7 I learn a lot in lessons: 97%

8 My school work is interesting most of the time: 96%

9 I know how to improve my work: 92%

10 I am usually able to do my homework: 94%

11 I know what to do if I think someone is being bullied: 91%