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The School Governing Body discusses and makes decisions on the strategic direction of the school.

For example, it is their role to decide on our ethos and values and to check that what we are doing is in keeping with this. With the headteacher, they plan how we will use our budget each year, including how many staff we will have. They also have a role overseeing the standards which children achieve at our school: they ask questions to make sure that the school knows what its priorities are and is addressing them effectively. 

On this page you will find the minutes of the full governing body meetings, which take place six times a year. Minutes can only be published after the subsequent meeting, when they have been ratified, so there is always a delay of a couple of months between the meeting and publication.


The governing body has two committees: Resources Committee, and Performance and Learning Committee. Membership of the committees is as follows:

Resources: Ian Griffiths (Chair), Alistair Doran, Nen Blakesley Grimes,  Abbi Dunkley, James Lambert

Performance and Learning:  Alex Skym (Chair), Christine Eaglestone, Catherine Hunter, David Golding, Barry Sutherland

Pecuniary Interests

The governors have the following pecuniary interests:

Anna Fairhurst - systemed.net web design and cartography (husband's business)

Alistair Doran - Founder and Managing Director at Architecting Solutions Ltd

other governors - none

Governor attendance record 

All governors were present at the March 2021 meeting.

Absent with approval May 2021: Alex Skym

All governors were present at the July 2021 meeting. 

All governors were present at the September and November 2021 meetings.

All governors were present at the January 2022 meeting.