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Welcome to Brize Norton Primary School

Brize Norton Primary School is a small, welcoming school for children from Brize Norton, Carterton and nearby. With no more than 20 children in a year group, we all know each other very well, and we believe that is the best way to ensure that every child is happy and is able to learn to the best of his or her ability.

Our website is a window into the busy life of our school – learning, class activities, clubs, and our School Association and supporters. Find out more about the wonderful work our children do by browsing the Class and Learning pages!

Seasonal Activities

The children enjoyed using fallen leaves to create masks today.  Using the idea of using leaves creatively, we also turned leaves into a fox face on a tree cookie!  Some…


School diary

Fri 24 Sep Buccaneers, Hurricanes, Hercules, Voyagers, Falcons

Harvest Festival in church

Thu 30 Sep

Cross country competition

Thu 7 Oct Hurricanes, Hercules

Y1 - 3 PE fun afternoon

Mon 11 Oct Voyagers, Falcons

Y5/6 girls' football competition

Mon 18 Oct - Fri 22 Oct

Parents' evenings this week

Thu 21 Oct

In-person parents' evenings

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Working together

It was lovely to see the children encouraging each other to try new things and to learn new skills - from sawing to balancing to playing noughts and crosses.  


Marathon Kids

We're away! We have challenged every child to run a marathon over the course of a year. Here's some of our first few laps of the field. 


First brass lessons

All the children in Falcons and Voyagers now have their brass instruments and have started learning! 


Science fun!

Today we had to make a cup of tea for Mrs Williams.  Quite a simple job, but I needed some helpers.

Once I poured the water, I needed someone to…


Building homes big and small

We had a fab session building; the children were keen to build dens for themselves so we had the tarpaulins and rope out - and some children chose to build…



We had huge amounts of fun in our first iRock lessons!


Play Leaders

How wonderful that our older children can now join the younger ones in their play once again!