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Aims of the Subject 

challenge pupils to reflect on, engage with, question and explore their own and others’ understanding of life

not impose particular beliefs upon pupils, nor compromise their own beliefs

raise questions of identity, meaning and value and encourage people to reflect on their experiences, behaviour and opinions

contribute positively and powerfully to the spiritual, personal, social, moral and cultural development of pupils 

provide opportunities for pupils to develop key skills and thinking skills

teach children and young people about Christian and other religious and non‐religious beliefs, practices and responses to ultimate questions so that they can understand the world better and develop their own sense of place within it

 Curriculum overview 

At Brize Norton, we follow the Oxfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. This is focused mostly on the three religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, although children also learn small amounts about other faiths. Children learn about these religions (their beliefs, attitudes, stories, celebrations and customs) as well as learning from them - reflecting on what these religions, and those who follow them, can teach us about our own attitudes to life. 

Topics: Key Stage 1 2017 - 18

 Who should you follow?

Should we celebrate Harvest or Christmas?

Does everyone celebrate the New Year?

Should everyone follow Jesus? 

Can stories change people?

Do we need shared special places?

Topics: Year 3 2017 - 18

Do Christians have to take communion?

Is light a good symbol for celebration?

Is a Jewish or Hindu child free to choose their beliefs?

Can made-up stories tell the truth?

Topics: Years 4 - 6 2017 - 18

Do Muslims need the Qur'an?

Does God communicate with humans?

Does the community of the mosque help Muslims lead better lives?

Was the death of Jesus a worthwhile sacrifice?

What's best for our world? Does religion help people decide?

 Topics: Key Stage 1 2016 - 17


The Christian family


Christmas story


Jesus' childhood

David and Goliath

Mothering Sunday


Welcoming babies in Islam, Christianity and Judaism


Topics: Key Stage 2 2016 - 17




Christmas journeys

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph



Charitable giving

The Synagogue