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Welcome to Curie Class!

Welcome to Curie (KerrRae the children like to say!) Class! Your child is lucky enough to be one of only 25 children in a mixed Year 4 and 5 class. Helping and inspiring your child on their learning journey are Mrs Rae (Monday and Tuesday am), Miss Kerr (Monday pm, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), Miss Kearvell (every day!) and Mrs Williams (mornings only). 

It has been a pleasure to welcome your child to Curie Class; they have come back after the summer break, ready and eager to learn.  We are very much looking forward to spending the rest of the year with them.

To help you to support your child, we feel it is important that you understand our routine; every morning, we dedicate our time to Spelling, Maths and Literacy, and our afternoon timetable is currently as follows:

Monday - (Week 1)Music (improvise and compose) and Spanish (describing appearance/personality) 

(Week 2) Art(illustration)/DT(construction) and Computing (e-safety and effective use of search engines)

Tuesday - PE (Tudor dance) and RE (Islam/Muhammad)

Wednesday - Science (Forces and Magnets) or Topic

Thursday - Science or Topic

Friday - PE (rugby) and PSHCE (relationships, friendship and bullying)

On Monday and Tuesday afternoon, Year 4 will be taught on their own and Year 5 will be taught together alongside Year 6.

We already have some exciting plans for the upcoming months, including an excursion to Hampton Court (9th November) and Young Voices (January 2018); both of these trips promise to be exciting and will leave your child with lifelong memories.

If you have any questions and need to talk to us at any point, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes from the Curie Class Team

Class events

Thu 9 Nov

Hampton Court trip

See the full diary...

Working together

Every day, the children work with partners to support and share their knowledge; it's amazing what we can learn from each other.  Today, the children were talking about facts and opinions during our Big Read session. The children knew the difference - but it wasn't always easy to come up with a fact - that wasn't an opinion - or to identify them in a text!! We had fun chatting and discussing this, with a range of activities to complete on the iPads - before they went off to complete some independent work.

KS2 trip to Chedworth Roman Villa

On Monday 10th July the whole of Key Stage 2 visited Chedworth Roman Villa to help bring our Romans topic to life. It was a really magical day.

We all experienced being archaeologists by working out what the Romans would have eaten and drunk by studying real artefacts, such as bones, rocks, metalware and earthenware.

We also had an amazing tour of the excavated site and could imagine what it would have been like to take a bath (a lot of oil and scraping), dine, make offerings to the gods, walk along the beautiful and intricate mosaics and use the 'lavatorium'!

In one workshop we dressed up as Roman slaves and were allocated jobs. We had to wear tags around our necks and sacks as tunics. We also ground up herbs and spices that the Romans would have used to cure illnesses or help people sleep.

A lot of fun was had and a lot of learning was done by all!

Year 5/6 Sharing Assembly

Well done to all of the Year 5 and 6 children who took part in our sharing assembly and thank you to all parents who were able to come and see it. Great enthusiasm during the team building afterwards too!

Maths WOW Day

We had lots of fun with maths on our WOW Day - from probability to testing theories, measuring angles, bottle flipping and blasting off rockets.  The children illustrated many skills throughout the day; creativity, perseverance, cooperation and resilience. They listened carefully when presented with a problem, thought it through and aimed to solve it by drawing on their mathematical skills.  All in all, a fun day with plenty of learning!

Year 5 Music Festival

On Monday 19th June, the Year 5s spent the day practising a mixture of ABBA songs with lots of other schools in the partnership at Burford. The children behaved wonderfully and sang their hearts out. A huge well done and thank you to those children (and parents!) who also attended the evening performance, as well as the choir - you were fantastic and I'm very proud!

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