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Welcome to The Hurricane Class!

We have 27 wonderful students this year, with the support of fabulous, hard-working TAs throughout the week!  Mrs. Edmunds supports Hurricane Class every morning.  Miss Hill is with us Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday full day and Friday mornings (not Thursdays).  Mrs Godfrey supports Hurricane Class Thursday all day and Friday afternoon.  Mrs Williams supports The Hurricane Class Thursday afternoons.  Mrs Johnson will eventually be supporting us Tuesday afternoons.  We are so lucky to have SO much wonderful support!

I am sure there may be questions that will arise throughout the school year and I strongly believe in parent communication.  There is a parent communication book in front of my classroom that you may leave any comments or concerns in.  You may also speak to me first thing in the morning or after school, or email the office and they will forward your letter to me and I will respond as quickly as I can.  I will be happy to speak with you, as communication is key to your child's success.  

I have high expectations for all students, with an "above and beyond" attitude.  I know you will be surprised by the growth you will notice in your child throughout the school year.  To create an exceptional student, it takes the home and the school.  Please be a part of your child's education as much as you can.  Ask questions about their day and what they learned in class (if they say nothing, they are lying!) :) Be a part of their homework assignments. Being involved is the best you can do!  Thank you for all of your support and I am so proud of your children!!  I love their hugs, smiles and brilliant attitude towards their school work.  

Mrs. Conner  

Class events

Thu 13 Dec

Aladdin at Chipping Norton Theatre

Fri 14 Dec, 14:30-15:15

Parent Celebration Assembly

Mon 17 Dec

KS1 production

Thu 20 Dec

Christmas Dinner

Fri 21 Dec

Term ends 1:15

Fri 21 Dec, 10:00-11:00

Carol Service

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Making, playing and exploring

It was a hive of activity on 26th September with Kennedy class in Forest School; every child was absorbed in an activity during every minute of their time there.  Whether it was working together to build a den, hanging out together in a tree, sawing and drilling to make a car, baking a cake in the mud kitchen, trying to keep a fire going - or just chilling out and chatting during snack time; it was all happening!

Maths Fact Masters for Friday, 29/9!

Jessica (+1), William D.T (+1), Luke (+2), Poppy (+2), Harry (+2), Millie (+1), Emilia (+2), Summer (+1), Ted (+1), Emily (+2), Ruby (+1), Alfie (+1), Henry (+2), 

100% Spellers!  Way to go!  Friday, 29/9!

Jessica, Arun, Luke, Harry H., Freya, Summer, Ted, Emily, Jonty, Ophelia

Maths Fact Masters for Friday, 22/9!

William B. (+1), Jake B. (+1), Luke G (+1), Poppy (+1), Harry H. (+1), Emilia (+1), Freya (+1), Emily (+1), Jonty (+1), Spencer (+1), Alice (+1), Henry (+1), Ophelia (+1)

100% Spellers!  Way to go!  Friday, 22/9!

Arun, William T., Luke, Harry H., Millie, Freya, Emily, Ruby, Jonty, Spencer, Alice

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