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Welcome to Kennedy Class!

Welcome Back!  

We have 27 wonderful students this year, with the support of four lovely TA's throughout the week!  Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Edmonds support Kennedy Class in the mornings (Mrs. Webb is with us Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday).  On Monday and Tuesday afternoon, we have Mrs. Williams supporting our class and on Thursday and Friday afternoon is Mrs. Godfrey.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful support!

I am sure there may be questions that will arise throughout the school year and I strongly believe in parent communication.  There is a parent communication book in front of my classroom (Class 2) that you may leave any comments or concerns in.  You may also speak to me first thing in the morning or after school, or email the office and they will forward your letter to me and I will respond as quickly as I can.  I will be happy to speak with you, as communication is key to your child's success.  

I have high expectations for all students, with an "above and beyond" attitude.  I know you will be surprised by the growth you will notice in your child throughout the school year.  To create an exceptional student, it takes the home and the school.  Please be a part of your child's education as much as you can.  Ask questions about their day and what they learned in class (if they say nothing, they are lying!) :) Be a part of their homework assignments. Being involved is the best you can do!  Thank you for all of your support and I am so proud of your children!!  I love their hugs, smiles and brilliant attitude towards their school work.  

Mrs. Conner  

Class events

Mon 11 Jun - Fri 15 Jun

Y1/2 Phonics Screening Week

Tue 12 Jun

Y2 Ultra Olympics

Thu 28 Jun

Lego Robotics Day for Y1 - 6

Wed 11 Jul

KS1 summer concert

Tue 24 Jul, 15:30-17:30

open evening

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Our focus has been Information Texts in class with a particular focus on sea animals.  The children studied facts about their sea animal and then made books, mobiles and these absolute amazing aquariums with their families.  I was so impressed!  

Topic: Toys from the Past

In our topic this term, we have been learning about Toys from the Past.  Last week, we discussed how we have changed.  Children brought in photographs of them as babies and we compared what they could do then and what they could do now.   Thank you to Mrs. Rowlands (Spencers mum) and Mrs. Bathe (William B.'s mum) for bringing in your darling babies and answering our questions.  

This week we have began exploring toys from the past and comparing them to toys from today.  We made our wooden puppets with or parents in our sharing assembly. They came out lovely and the children can't wait to bring them home!

We will be visiting the Oxfordshire Museum next week with Nightingales Class to take part in their Victorian Toys and Games workshop.  

100% Spellers!  Way to go!  Friday, 17/11!

Jake, Arun, Luke, Harry H., Emilia, Emily, Jonty, Spencer, Alice, Tilly

Maths Fact Masters for Friday, 17/11!

Jessica (+5), Arun (+6), Harry H. (+8), Summer (+7), Ted (+4), Emily (+8), Jonty (+4), Alice (+5), Henry (+4), Tilly (+2)

100% Spellers!  Way to go!  Friday, 17/11!

We received our first tick for more than half of the class receiving 100's!!  3 more to go and we get a pizza party!!  Keep up the good work!!

William B., Jake B, Arun, Luke, Harry H., Freya M., Ted M., Emily M., Alfie P., Ruby P, Jonty, Spencer, Alice, Henry

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