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Welcome to Nightingales!

In our class we have 17 children in Foundation Stage plus 6 children in Year 1. Our teacher is Mrs Winter; our teaching assistant is Miss Hill. On Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae. Please look about on this page to see what we have been doing!

Class events

Mon 11 Jun - Fri 15 Jun

Y1/2 Phonics Screening Week

Thu 28 Jun

Lego Robotics Day for Y1 - 6

Mon 9 Jul

FS multi-skills

Wed 11 Jul

KS1 summer concert

Tue 24 Jul, 15:30-17:30

open evening

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Being Creative and Having Fun

The Nightingales had a lovely time at Forest School on Monday. The (very) muddy Mud Kitchen was very popular, with smoothies and cherry pie being made for the adults to sample (!)

We have also been given some pallets, and the children have been using one of the them as a ladder to climb up the tree - before jumping off! It's great to see the children managing risks like this themselves.

Some children decorated tin cans in preparation for planting, whilst others made rhythm sticks, dragon flies and airplanes.

How long is a dinosaur?

Today the whole school enjoyed a dinosaur 'wow' day. Despite the weather Nightingales went outside this morning to mark out on the playground the length of different dinosaurs using metre rules. The longest dinosaur was the diplodocus. 


This week in maths we will be measuring and comparing height and length.  To begin the week, on Monday, we worked together to count blocks to 20 then put them in sequence, according to height. 

The Ice Age

The temperature outside felt like the Ice Age...and then the children found dinosaur footprints along with a nest of giant frozen eggs!  After a chat around the campfire about how to free the dinosaurs from the eggs, we had some great ideas and set to it; one egg was 'melted' in the pan on the fire (not straight on the fire because the water would put the fire out!), one egg had salt poured onto it and 2 others were broken open with mallets!  

Due to the cold, the children were encouraged to keep moving and exploring and were called back to the fire several times for hot chocolate, toast, baked beans and moving songs to try and keep warm.

Junk model houses 

Thank you to all those who sent in pictures of your houses. In geography this term we have been finding out about our local area. Children have enjoyed our walk around the village and our bus trip to Carterton, finding out more about our environment and local amenities, as well as completing a traffic survey.  

Linked with our learning about 3D shapes in maths children have also made models of their houses, selecting and naming the shapes they needed. We have particularly enjoyed using Google Earth to look more closely at where we all live. 

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