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Welcome to Buccaneers!

In our class we have 18 children in Foundation Stage plus 9 children in Year 1. Our teacher is Mrs Winter; our main teaching assistant is Mrs Johnson, though we also have support from Miss Hill. On Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae. Please look about on this page to see what we have been doing!

Adults in our class update

Mrs Winter is currently absent following hip replacement surgery; during this time Mrs Sinclair will be teaching and leading the class. Mrs Winter and Mrs Sinclair are working together to ensure continuity for the children. Please come and talk to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs Johnson is enrolled on a two year course of study to become a teacher. As part of her course she is required to gain experience in a range of schools and settings as well as taking some responsibility for planning and teaching. 

Class events

Tue 7 May

FS/Y1 Music Festival, Carterton

See the full diary...

Dinosaur Day Out

On Friday Class 1 visited Oxfordshire Museum of Natural History.  Children experienced handling dinosaur fossils and even dinosaur poo! Workshop leader Chris shared fantastic facts; we found out how to tell the height of a dinosaur just from it's footprints (taller than Alfie P) and how palaeontologists learn about the lives of dinosaurs. Harry played the T-rex who was fossiled when the smaller creatures ate all his wobbly bits, then the sand covered him up and the pressure squashed him to stone. We then went on a dinosaur hunt around the museum finding different dinosaurs, pterodactyls and plesiosaurs (which are not dinosaurs, ask your child why).

Entry to Oxfordshire Museum of Natural History is FREE.  There is so much more to see.  Children were very keen to explore more of the museum.  If you are looking for somewhere to go at the weekend I would highly recommend a visit. Check out their website: http://www.oum.ox.ac.uk 

Herbivore, carnivore or omnivore?

We made vegetable dinosaurs which we ate at snack time.  Ask your child how palaeontologists know what dinosaurs ate and how their teeth differed.

Dinosaur eggs?

Something strange appeared in our water tray this week.  Will they have hatched by Monday?  Children have enjoyed trying to help the dinosaurs out of the eggs.

Stick Man and Sticky Marshmallows!

It was chilly start to the year and the children were glad of the warmth of the fire and their roasted Marshmallow snack!

Many of the children had seen the animation of Stick man on Christmas Day, so we had a go at making our own 'Stick Family'.  Those that chose to, searched for an appropriate stick, whittled a face, tied arms on (a bit fiddly!) and drew a face using our home-made charcoal.

Other children played imaginatively in the stick den, explored for bugs - and sticks (!) using the ID sheets, and generally had fun!

I think some of the children are hoping to dig for dinosaurs at some point over then next few weeks, as they have been talking about this in class...I wonder what they will find!

Class 1 Parent Workshop

A big thank you to all those parents who were able to join us this morning for our first sharing assembly and parent workshop.  We hope you enjoyed seeing what your children have been learning this term, we have all enjoyed our aeroplane topic.  

Children had a fabulous morning making junk model aeroplanes with their grown up helpers, I hope the grown ups enjoyed it too (there was just a little competitiveness). The children selected to hang their aeroplanes up in the classroom, so please have a look when you come in (and mind your heads). 

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