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Welcome to Nightingales!

In our class we have 18 children in Foundation Stage plus 7 children in Year 1. Our teacher is Mrs Winter; our teaching assistant is Miss Hill. On Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae. Please look about on this page to see what we have been doing!

Class events

Tue 7 Nov

FS parent meeting (Reading)

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Story stones

We started off on the 25th September with some storytelling around the campfire.  The children then went off to search for story stones that the older children had painted and hidden around the site.  If they found one, they could then go off and hide it somewhere else for someone else to find.  

Plenty of sawing again this week, as well as looking at the seasonal changes happening around us.

Chocolate Crispie Cakes 

This week in our Friday cooking session Nightingales made chocolate crispy cakes, following on from Elliot's suggestion last week. Our focus was looking at changes as we observed what happened to the ingredients when they were heated in the microwave then set again in the fridge. Children particularly enjoyed breaking the chocolate up with a hammer!

We will be sharing our crispy cakes at snack time on Monday after our fruit. We will use this opportunity to practise counting to ensure we have enough cakes for everyone. 

Nightingales Autumn walk

In science Year 1  have been learning about the changing seasons.  On Thursday we all went for a walk around the field with our spotters sheets and i-pads to look for signs of autumn. We found everything on our list and took some items back to the classroom to look at further. 

Foundation stage have been enjoying exploring all the items we brought back and have been using the autumn leaves as inspiration for their paintings. 

Nightingales first cooking session 

On Friday 15th September we had our first cooking session in Nightingales Class. Everyone was very excited to make chocolate chip fairy cakes which children took home to eat at the end of the day.

Cooking gives us lots of opportunities to talk about a range of topics, today we focused on the importance of washing hands before we cook to stop the spread of germs. Children also enjoyed using the scales to weigh ingredients and were learning about taking turns and sharing. 

Where possible we include children's ideas and interests in planning. Elliot suggested we could make chocolate crispie cakes next week. 

Exploring forest school

We had a lovely afternoon at Forest School.  Beforehand, some of the children had been excited and others had been a little wary - but by 3 o'clock everyone was smiling, having enjoyed their afternoon.

After a chat around the fire, the children went off to explore...some climbed trees, others tried their hand at starting small shell fires with a flint and steel, they played in the mud kitchen, went on the swing or had a go at cutting a tree cookie with a bow saw.

At the end of the afternoon, we all came together around the fire to roast marshmallows - at their request - and make s'mores!

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