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Welcome to Nightingales!

In our class we have 17 children in Foundation Stage plus 6 children in Year 1. Our teacher is Mrs Winter; our teaching assistant is Miss Hill. On Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae. Please look about on this page to see what we have been doing!

Class events

Tue 24 Jul, 15:30-17:30

open evening

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Embracing Autumn

The children are becoming much braver and exploratory at Forest School; from climbing trees to playing in the mud.  We have talked about the seasons and the leaves changing colour, and some of the children have made leaf-print flags.  We learned that sometimes we could make symmetrical patterns - and that when the wind blew the flags, we could work out which way the wind was blowing!

Some of the children have shown great teamwork and patience as they found bits of wood and rope, worked together to tie them up and make a spaceship!  The imaginative play was fantastic and as they landed on the moon we heard, 'Righto lads, we're here!'

Some of the children learned to make mud by pouring water out and mixing it up with the soil; from this, they could make pies and cakes...or with more water, they had a puddle that they could jump in!

We used palm drills to make holes in conkers and threaded them on to string.  Some of the children then started to try and play the game of conkers.

It's no wonder that they are all hungry at snack time!  One week we made pesto pasta which was chosen by one of the year 1's, and another week we did hot dogs.  The fire is always lit and some times the children just like to sit and watch the flames or the food cook, and make observations about what is happening.   

I wonder what the children will get up to next week...

Please sir, can we have s'more?

The Class 1 children are really enjoying coming out to Forest School.  Last week, they said that they wanted to cook marshmallows - but we went one step further and made s'mores.  Before we could do this, we had to find some willow and use the loppers to cut it.  We talked about willow being a green wood - which doesn't burn as easily - and is, therefore, perfect for roasting marshmallows.  Once it was cut, the children stripped the leaves off it and we whittled the ends.

Sun, rain, hail, wind - but lots of smiles

This week we had a range of weathers thrown at us at Forest School - from sun to wind, rain and hail!  Lots of children chose to build shelters - which later proved even more fun when the wind got up and the children jumped on top of them!

Some children chose to make mini beasts using clay; all of the children remembered that insects have a head, thorax and abdomen!  We also talked about numbers of legs; insects having 6 and spiders having 8.

The pond was as popular as ever, with the children keen to see that the frogspawn they found last week had now hatched - and we have tadpoles swimming around!

Despite the weather, we had 'campfire ice cream' for snack - and popcorn!

Springtime at Forest School

Class 1 have enjoyed coming back to Forest School - spotting leaves as they start to appear on trees and flowers that are beginning to bloom.  They have been learning a lot about animal and plant cycles in class so we have planted our potatoes, herbs, peas and some flowers to attract butterflies.  We are hoping to release some butterflies into the site soon as some of our caterpillars in the classroom have started to build their chrysalis.

Some of the children made insects and spiders using pebbles, sticks and mud, whilst others made nettle soup and miniature gardens.  Down at the pond, we spotted frogspawn and a bloodworm.  To fit in with our theme, we cooked 'butterfly' pasta on the campfire!

Den Building

We had such fun building dens with the children on Tuesday.  They all had different ideas for what they wanted to do - and so many problems cropped up that needed solving; how can we make the sticks stand up? How can we make it waterproof?  

Some of the children had a great idea of putting pebbles around the bottom of their den '...to make it stronger and keep the wolf out'!

We cooked popcorn on the fire and the children were able to invite friends to join them in their houses for a snack.  Whilst they were eating, some of the dens received a visit from the 'big bad wolf'.  When the wolf asked, 'Little pig, little pig may I come in?', the children replied, 'Not by the hair on our chin-chin-chins - we will not let you in!'

Problem solving, moving equipment around safely, team building, communication and imagination; just some of the skills used by the children at this session.

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