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Welcome to Buccaneers!

In our class we have 18 children in Foundation Stage plus 9 children in Year 1. Our teacher is Mrs Winter; our main teaching assistant is Mrs Johnson, though we also have support from Miss Hill. On Monday afternoons we have Forest School with Mrs Rae. Please look about on this page to see what we have been doing!

Adults in our class update

Mrs Winter is currently absent following hip replacement surgery; during this time Mrs Sinclair will be teaching and leading the class. Mrs Winter and Mrs Sinclair are working together to ensure continuity for the children. Please come and talk to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs Johnson is enrolled on a two year course of study to become a teacher. As part of her course she is required to gain experience in a range of schools and settings as well as taking some responsibility for planning and teaching. 

Class events

Tue 7 May

FS/Y1 Music Festival, Carterton

See the full diary...

Busy Busy!

We have had a busy few weeks at Forest School.  Some of the children have been keen to learn how to use the knives safely to whittle sticks for swords; they showed great perseverance - as it takes much longer than you think!  It has been lovely to see others working together on their weekly job of creating a pond in the mud kitchen area; they have dug it out, added water (helped by the rain!) and, today, they installed a bridge!! Meanwhile, in the pond, we have been spotting frogs, frogspawn and tadpoles; a perfect opportunity to talk to the children about lifecycles.

Buccaneers Assembly and Cafe

Well done and a big thank you to the Buccaneers for their super assembly this morning. It was so lovely to see how hard the children have all been working and hear about their amazing science experiments. 

Back in the classroom adults were treated to waiter service and enjoyed tasting the cakes and treats children have been busy preparing with their clean hands. There was lots of fantastic conversations with children explaining to their grown ups about what they have learned and showing them the slime!  They also sung a song about jelly. 

After the visitors left we did one more experiment thinking about why it is important to have clean hands and how we might see the germs and bacteria even though they are invisible to us. Have a look at the slices of bread pegged up in our classroom to see that we are comparing slices of bread touched before and after we washed our hands. The children were able to make some predictions about what might happen; we will be looking at the bread again next week to see if we were right. 

Looking forward to Spring

We had a lovely first session back after half term.  The children were fascinated by the mini beasts that were crawling out of the dead wood and hiding under tree stumps, so some of them made bug hotels to hang up.  Others were keen to plant some onions out - which will hopefully be ready to use in some campfire cookery in July.

The pond was open for the children to go and look for life; the frogs were hiding, but they did spot some blood worms - using the ID sheets to help them.

Other children were keen to continue to make their own pond; they had done most of the digging at the last session, so put an old tarpaulin in and started to fill it with water.  

It was lovely to see the kids so 'at home' outside; they were relaxed, independent and keen to explore and creative; brilliant!

Bird Feeders and Creations

We have had a lovely few weeks outdoors with the Buccaneers.

We talked about the Big Garden Watch and made bird feeders to encourage birds to our site...we actually sat and watched a robin fly down to take some food from one of the feeders in a tree!  Some of the children took their feeders home to hang in their own gardens!

The children have been becoming increasingly independent and are showing great teamwork; they have helped each other light fires and build dens - and one small group decided to saw a branch into 4 equal pieces and make a table! Ingenious!!

Hello from Mrs Winter

Dear Parents and Children

It was lovely to come in and see the children last week, they have been very busy and are all working hard with Mrs Sinclair and Mrs Johnson. 

As Mrs Fairhurst informed you in the newsletter last week, I have had a follow up visit with my consultant and have been signed off work for a further 6 weeks. I have been told it is ok to start light exercise now so have been swimming and to a yoga class this week to begin to build my strength back up.

After having been stuck at home it is nice to be able to get out again, now I can drive once more too. The weather has also been prohibitive due to the ice but on Sunday my husband and I finally made it out to enjoy our afternoon tea, many thanks to the current Y1 and 2 parents for my gift voucher which I had been saving. 

Best wishes to you all, Mrs Winter

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